Take a Look!
Don't ask!U don't wanna know.Scandalous.Oh my gosh my eyes are burning the horror!
Is it a pencil?Maybe the UT tower?Wait could it be a pointy...no no its a banana but the guy in there is a dick.lol
I too am deeply disturbed by this Spongebob!Bad Erica Bad!
Oh no we're in trouble she is looking at us w/ her good eye!U are dreaming.dodododo. Back away slowly look she is already closing one of them.I think we're gonna be ok but that was a close one.whew!
Doesn't Pip look pretty?He has that hair towel thing down. Now he can walk down the hall and flip his towel dried hair and people will say,"Wow Pip ur beautiful."
Linds I'm flattered but u can't lift me. really. oh and by the way I see London I see France I see lindsey's underpants. haha!
We are so into the holidays. Tight clothes, skin, and a dead hot pink bird on our heads. This is what it is all about.
They are so very scandalous. Showing boobs, legs, and whole lot of skin. Mardi Gras whores! Yah that's me in the middle. hehe
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