NERDA Central
National Ever Reasoning Dudettes Association
Motto:We always Make Sense! ... at least to ourselves.
Colors: Green, Pink, Yellow and Torquise
Members: Denise "How U Doin?U want some of this, how bout a little bit of that?" Rodriguez, Sonya "The Avacado/SquishyNuts/long pole" Alvarado, Pearl Ramos aka Grandma Pearl/Poopy/Ball of Pearl, Elia "Spiderman/ Squishy" Garza
Unknown Members(as in members who don't know they're members): Ruby" The Cocanut" Lopez, Erica "Queen of Mean" Salinas, Sara "CandyWoman/Caca" Petry, Lindsey"I Eat Bitches For Breakfast" Cude
"Us nerdas will just go back to the nerdery with our caluculators and get right on that."--Tommy Boy

Mission: To take over the world and to rid the world of societal cool and in doing so create a new improved cool where nerdas and nerds rule. Not dorks though cause they are whale's penises, but maybe geeks. In  this world of nerda cool all members will be swingers for life and guys w/ dread locks will find a way to shampoo their hair b/c dread locks are hot but stinky as of now. Also the 99 cents menu at McDonald's will be expanded and everything will be super sized free of charge. In fact all restuarants fast food or not will have 99 cent menus. Moving on ani mae series will be completed fully and not cut off at the best part and then cancelled. Eli's angry emails will be taken seriously damn it!Class attendance will be optional only and strongly discouraged and looked down upon. When I grrrr the world will shake and everyone's weaves and tupaes will fly away magically to fake hair heaven. The first person to tell u to calm down, who is usually the person who pissed u off to begin with, will get shot w/ water guns filled w/ piss. Everyone will be required to take at least 3 naps a day, during which time Denise will be able to drive around Austin free of traffic. A new superhero team will be created they will be known as Caca and Cacado and together they are crap! Otherwise called the ultimate fighting team or Sara and I. That's it for now but there will be more. oh yes there will. muhahaha...
*Cough. None of these graphics are mine. I did not create any of them.Please do not sue me!
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