Fuji Keiko

Born  July 5th 1951 Iwate Prefecture -  Japan

Fuji Keiko was the heroin of the late 60s and early 70s. Her "Shinjuku no onna" was the biggest hit. Her productive years were short. After her first marriage with a male enka singer, she retired, then divorced and went to the US. Now, once in a while we can hear her whereabouts. However, what is important for us is much more her image when she covered her slender body with dark cloths and sang with desperate color in her eyes. In any case, Enka does not have long tradition and was created rather recently in North-Eastern Asia. People wanted to cry or weep over their tragedy and their expression took the form of "Enka". In 1950s and 60s there were many Enka singers in Japan and Enka was the mainstream of the Japanese popular music life. At the beginning of '70s Keiko FUJI represented the sentiment of young people involved in student movement and became a deva of the era.

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Yume wa Yoruhiraku.MP3


Utada Hikaru 

Born January 19th 1983 New York - USA

Utada Hikaru  or known as hikki by her fans was born in Manhattan , New York in 1983, but she was raised part time in Tokyo.Her life revolved around the music industry. Her father, Teruzane Utada, was a music producer and musician, who now runs her management company. Her mother Keiko Fuji was a famous enka singer (Japanese ballad singer). Utada has began to make recordings around the age of seven and began to write at the age of ten. Some would say it was inevitable that she would become such a talent.  Utada's debut album, "First Love", debut at number one on the Original Confidence (Ori-Con) charts, selling out at record stores even before it's official release date. "First Love", broke all time record sales in Japan, selling over a massive 9.500.000 copies nine-million,five-hundred-thousand copies, making it the best selling record in Japanese history. Her new cd album "Distance" is selling just as fast! In the space of five months since her debut with "time will tell", Utada rose to the top of the Japanese pop music scene. At the World Music Awards 2000, Hikaru Utada received the "Best-Selling Asian Artist" award. On 28 March 2001, she released her second album, "Distance". This album has sold about 5 million copies in Japan. At a recent MTV Unplugged concert, Utada surprised her fans by singing a rendition of U2's song, "With or Without You!" With the exception for such occasional covers, Hikaru writes almost all of her songs. 

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Matsuda Seiko

Born  March 10th 1962  Fukuoka Prefecture - Japan

Seiko has 24 consecutive No.1 singles which is a record. Her 25th No. 1 single, "Missing You" (1996) sold 1.1 million copies. Seiko won the Golden Idol Singer Award in 1981.

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Ruri Irono Chikyu.MP3

Shiroi Parasol.MP3

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Born  October 1st 1986  Tokyo - Japan

Sayaka is Matsuda Seiko's daughter and no she doesn't sing like her mom (okay maybe a bit). The comparisons will be unfair and inevitable but by singing and acting at an early age it's possible Sayaka can build up her own unique career. A pretty good debut song. Ever Since.

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