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Department of Biochemistry,  University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria


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                                            NISEB SCOPE
The Nigerian Society for Experimental Biology (NISEB) is a multidisciplinary society with members in all
areas of life sciences.  
Our members can be found spread around the country in tertiary institutions, hospitals,
research institutions and private organizations as well as individuals.

We are interested in moving research and training forward in Nigeria through conferences (e.g.
NISEB 2004 Conference), workshops and seminars. We are also interested in sourcing research and training grants for members to enhance their capabilities in their various areas of life sciences.

Paid-up members of the society are entitled to the following:
1.        Free copies of NISEB Letters four times a year (March, June, September and December).
2.        Reduced Registration Dues at Meetings and Conferences of the Society.
3.        Discount on the purchases of journals and books published by the Society.
4.        20% discount on page charges for articles published in any of the journals of the Society.
5.        Grants and sponsorship at learned conferences following a successful application.

Paid-up members are those who have paid all their dues from the year 2001 or from the year of first

Publications of the Society include:        
   1. African Scientist    (ISSN 1595-6881)
Biokemistri            (ISSN 0795-8080)
   3. Bioscience Research Communications (ISSN 0795-8072)        
   4. NISEB Journal    (ISSN 1595-6938)
   5. NISEB Letters     (ISSN 1595-692X) for quarterly news and commentaries

[email protected] or [email protected] for an Application Form now and send the
printed copy to the National Secretariat together with your annual due for the current year (1000 Naira for full
membership & 500 Naira for student membership in cash, cheque or bank draft in favour of the ‘Nigerian
Society for Experimental Biology’). With NISEB, you can be anything you want to be in academics

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