Welcome to our website

At the very outset we would like to welcome you all to our Group.  Let us make it clear  that this is a group basically of youths, who love nature and who like to spare some time from routine and be with nature.  We on regular basis arrange picnics, hiking and trekking.

This Group is open for all in general and for Youths in and around Mumbai in particular.  Our group runs on the concept of no profit - no loss basis and is a not for the sake of earning money.

In the past we have successfully organized many events. We have successfully organized a family picnic recently in the month of September 2002.  Encouraged by this successful event, we are also arranged a One Week Family Picnic in 2005 covering Punjab, Himachal Pradesh & Chandigarh. 30 members participated in this mega event.


In the other pages you will come to know exactly how this group operates and how we with our determination, overcome all odds to organize a successful event.

You can come to know how this group was formed and about the members who have been keenly and actively taking part to make every picnic a memorable event.

There is also a beautiful photo gallery and album of our picnics .  All the snapshots of our earlier events are posted over there. The pictures of our 2nd Family Picnic are available here.

Viewers are requested to go through our site and give in their feedback either by mail ( at [email protected] ).

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