Foreign Volunteers

In the last three years we have been blessed with the support,encouragement and talents of volunteers from Belgium,England and Ireland. These non-paid volunteers have been involved in secretarial work,the building of homes and community centres for the poor, church buildings and tuition in local schools and in an orphanage teaching English and art.Psychology students have also provided training both for our own Services & other groups around the country.Further teams of volunteers tradesmen came in 2001/2 to build 20 homes for the poor.These Volunteers come from U.K. and Ireland

Foreign Professional Input

Over 100 assessments have been carried out in the last 12 months and a further 70 were carried out in october 2000 by Peter Dorai Raj and Seamus Mc.Loone.

Peter Dorai Raj has provided individual counseling,training,assessment,foreign aid for the last 8 years.

Workshops have been provided up & down the Island for people involved in social care, basic Psychology,streess management,behaviour modification etc.

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