Other Projects

home built in Seeduwa. 3 homes in Thudella. 2 homes in Ekala.

homes in Dankotuwa Funded by Just Pence,Galway,Ireland.

homes in Ja-Ela Funded by

Just Pence,Galway,Ireland.

homes in Melsiripura and Mannar Funded by Just Pence,Galway,Ireland.

homes built for staff-present & past.

homes built in Kegalle.

Financial assistance given to renovate "Wickrama",Kegalle as a conference centre and also an income generation project.

Provision of a community centre in Kala Eliya,Ja-Ela.

Provision of a community centre in Galgamuwa.

Funding to provide a unit for Special education at Christ King College,Tudella.

Financial assistance to built the centre for Higher Education at Kanuwana.

Playing field and creche facilities funded at Kurukkalmadam,Batticaloa for the Franciscan Brothers orphanage and out station.

Financial assistance to deserving medical & university students.

The provision of sewing machines to local women for income generation.

Financial assistance locally for medical,medicinal needs.

Financial assistance for funeral arrangements.

The provision of medical / eye camps.

The provision of residential programs on:disability,human developm

ent,peace & reconciliation,nutrition & hygiene.

De la Salle College,Colombo 15.Many renovation & building developments special unit for mentally handicapped children funded.Residential training camps for prefects, Peace & Reconciliation and Human Development Course funded.

Daya Mina,Nugegoda;funding secured from Irish Aid to built a training unit for the mentally handicapped.

The provision of nutritional programmes in Galgamuwa and support to poor families,Funded by Just Pence,Waterford,Ireland.





With assistance from Britain and Ireland, we have been able to assist in developing twenty houses for homeless and displaced people, several of whom were from the the troubled areas of Srilanka .Once people have shelter over thair heads and a dry floor to sleep on, they gradually begin to improve the shell of the bulding and cultivate their gardens for fruit and vegetables.


Here support was given towards building a church and nine homes have also been developed. Again some are for local homeless people while others were for victims of racial and ethnic tensions.


This is two hour drive from the town of Kandy in a remote and desolate part of the country, only accessibly by four wheel drive vehicle. Here we have established a playing field for children a venture that has assisted in building upon the community spirit by bringing people together.Other developments have included the construction of interconnecting roads between villages


Here in Sri lanka's capital we have been able to build houses for people living in the shanty towns surrounding the city.The situation in these dilapidated areas is tragic,with people in the most dire circumstances,surrounded by hazards to public health and constant threats to personal safety.


This is our local parish and here the building of a church has contributed to the needs and wishes of local people.Little could have been achieved in these towns and vilages of Sri Lanka without the generous contributions of people world wide.Given further resources,so much more could be done.


We have assisted in building two homes for poor families.Funded byJust Pence,Galway, Ireland.An income generation project has been developed over the last number of years which assists people to increase their production of fruits & vegetables for local markets.This area had a serious suicide problem associated,we are told,with the farmers being very restricted in marketing their produce.The project has helped address this problem and the local people have now been able to diversify their work opportunities in to other areas such as the production of concrete products and light engineering.Funded by (Pence,B.O.C.,Waterford,Ireland).

We have been requested to set up further local societies providing loans etc. so that the revolving repayment fund would assist others in income generation activities.Negotiations are presently taking place to extend opportunities for these hard working and genuine people.

Morawatthe,Panadura Beach Projects

WE have developed a numbers of income generation projects for poor families living on the beach at Morawatthe.These projects are most successful and the repayment of loans to date has been excellent,which allows a revolving fund for other income generations activities.Two young ladies have been trained in Montessori techniques and up to 30 children attend the Montessori.We would hope eventually that these children would enter mainstream education.Some youth have been trained at the Ruhunu Fasion Juki Machine Training School,Dehiwela and are now in paid employment.Montessori built by Vincent Commons,funded by Terry Commons,Galway,Ireland.

Mannar.( Was a war zone)

Over the last year or so we have been assisting a number of small projects in Mannar.Provision of a children's Playground at the Mannar Base Hospital.Funded by Brothers Of Charity Services,Scotland.Provision of a number of income generation projects.Provision of Medical equipment for the Mannar Base Hospital funded by Johanna Cooney & St.Michaels Hospital Dunlaoire,Co.Dublin,Ireland.Provision of clothing etc. for displaced children of Moneragala-collected from school children Ja-Ela, Tudella.The setting up of a workshop for servicing fishermen's outboard motors.Johanna Cooney,(Director of Services)Belmont Park,Waterford and her friends and colleagues have provided computers for St.Xavier's,Mannar.Shelter Now (American)-joint provision of housing(just pence,Galway)and concrete product unit.Assistance for peoples requiring medical & surgical intervention in colombo.Twinning of Mannar School & boarding hostel with a school in the U.K.Provision of electricity supplies to community centres.The provision of training,light engineering equipment and structural improvement Funded by Charles Coughlan,Precision Steel Ltd,Galway,Ireland.

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