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Services out with our core work

Over the past 12 months we have continued to be the contact point of many varied needs: Medical,Surgical-psychological-social,religious-alcohol rehabilitation and care of the elderly, helping some un employed,through our network of contacts

Psychological Services

Psychological assessment/councelling/training has been provided over the last 8 years by Psychologists from both Ireland and the U.K. Approximately 400 children and young people have been assessed.Councelling services are presently available (Monday to Friday 7am - 4pm)

The Future

Like other provinces and districts of Brothers of Charity international,we have given a commitment to projects in developing countries. In the case of our province -we have offered assistance,both professional and financial,to Sri Lanka.Our present aim to have structures in place so that services are secured,staff are adequately trained, resourced and sufficiently self-reliant so that provision countinues.

Our Priorities are

To ensure that all provision is local,small in scale and community-led.

To involve parents,local communities,staff and statutory authorities in all service departments.

To negotiate financial costs of service provision with statutory agencies,families,staff and charitable foundations.

To develop services,which,once up and running and appropriately funded,could have their management transferred to parents associations or other local community groups.

To provide community-led services is our ultimate goal throughout the areas where we work in partnership with local people

Help For Mental Handicap Children

The Nisansala centre Tudella,provides care,training and development programmes for 61 persons with learning disabilities(mental handicap) 46 males and 15 females.There are 11 staff directly involved in the training and development programmes -4males and 7 females. Training and development programmes are provide from Monday to Friday 8.00 to 15.30 hours.

Montessori at Tudella

The Montessori at Triest House Pamunugama Road,Tudella caters for 20 children-9 girls and 11 boys.Two qualified Montessori teachers and staff with music and craft skills are employed-all female.The mentaly handicapped children are aged from 4 years 12 years.This education unit has been running for about 5 years and to date 8 children have progressed into the mainstream education system.

" NISANSALA" at Negombo

We Provide a day service for children and young adults with a mental handicap-Monday to Friday.The centre has three full time staff,a number of volunteers and parent support.This is a community based service and Don Bosco Technical School,local clergy and parishioners give good support.25persons attend the centre and the local education authorities have indicated an interest as this is the only day centre for the mentally handicapped in Negombo.Peter Dorai Raj,from Ireland, has carried out recent psychological assessments and clearly a futher service is required for children . (Montessori) in Negombo.

Residential Provision

We provide residsentiol care and training at Triest House,Pamunugama Road,Tudella.This facility acommodates ten young males and two female staff in attendance.

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