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Music has always been much more than a mere pastime to me. Academically, I�ve had the opportunity to study western classical piano, theory and composition. In the concert hall, I�ve had the opportunity to perform many times, both as a soloist and as a chamber pianist. I�ve played with several international conductors who visited Sri Lanka. I am also accompanist with Cantata Singers, one of Sri Lanka�s oldest choral groups and - as of late - an enthusiastic Jazz musician. To me, music is both a voice and an ear.

Playing to an attentive audience is one of the most satisfying experiences I�ve had. At the same time there is nothing I like better than sitting alone at the piano and improvising whatever comes to mind. Through it, I seem to hear my feelings.

My lifelong fascination with music has also led me to study its obvious links with other subjects, especially computers. This has led me to do much research into computer music, which I hope to pursue even further.

Milestones in my Musical Career

2004 - Won the 6th Biennial Concerto Competition of the Symphony Orchestra of Sri Lanka in 2004

2003 - Obtained the Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music, London in Performance (LRSM) Read my programme notes...

2002 - Obtained the Associate Diploma in Music Theory, Trinity College, London (AMusTCL)

1998 - Obtained the Associate Diploma in Performance, Institute of Western Music and Speech, Sri Lanka (AIWMS)

1998 - Won the Young Musician of the Year Competition, organized by the Institute of Western Music and Speech in 1998


You can find a couple of things that I've penned at

Here is something I wrote recently.

Someone else
Is this you who I see?
Or is it someone else?
Or is it someone else that I saw in you?

Is this confusion?
Or is it that I "was" confused?
Confused that you were someone else, when you were still actually you?

Am I who I think I am?
Or am I someone else?
Or am I just not the one I thought I was?

Am I?
For I see that you are still who you are But that you are still someone else.

I am someone else.

General Knowledge Quizes

I was a member of the General Knowledge Team at Royal College, Colombo, and since time I have been pretty enthusiastic about participating in General Knowledge Quizes and the like.

While at school I captained the college team to victory in the �Walls Discovery Quiz� organized by Discovery Channel and the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation in 2001. I was also judged highest scorer overall, highest scorer in the semi-final rounds and highest scorer in the final

I�ve won the �Sri Lankan Masterminds� Knowledge Competition organized by the Lions Club, Sri Lanka twice in 2001 and 2005

I represented my country Sri Lanka at the 6th �SAARC TV Quiz�, Katmandu, Nepal in 2003. I was also selected to represent Sri Lanka at the 5th �SAARC TV Quiz�, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2001, but had to forgo the opportunity due to the competition�s schedule clashing with the GCE Advanced Level Examination

ABRSM Annual Review 2003

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