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NIMAGE - A Simple Image Processing Application

NIMAGE is a simple image processing application that runs on Microsoft Windows and has been developed on and for the .NET framework. It is capable of the above specified of Image Enhancement, Noise Removal and Edge Detection techniques. It has a simple-to-use, but comprehensive graphical user interface.

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NJAWS - Web Server

NJAWS is an HTTP version 1.1 compliant general purpose web server designed with both user-friendliness and full functionality in mind.

In addition to implementing the basic HTTP methods, it supports cookies, dynamic web documents based on the CGI 1.1 standard (including PERL and Python scripts, java and PHP), it supports XML web services and has several extended file system, security and anti-hacking features. Additionally a well designed system of threading and caching have been added to enhance efficiency. The application ships as an attractive Windows application, ideal for both technical and non-technical users.

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GENE - Genealogy Application

GENE is a simple genealogy application. It stores data as well-formed XML and has several search capabilities including finding relationships between people.

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Educational Powerpoint Slides

Asymmetric Encryption

Includes RSA, El Gamal, Elliptic Curves and the Diffie-Hellman Public Key Cryptosystem Download Zipped

The Drinking Philosophers Problem

A study of a research paper by K. M. Chandy and J. Misra The Drinking Philosophers Problem Download Zipped

Instruction Speculation

The Use Of Instruction Speculation And Its Effects On Branching Download Zipped

PERL programming language

Introduction to the PERL programming language Download Zipped

Educational Code Samples

Sorting algorithms

Java implementation of some well known sorting algorithms, including: Radix Sort, Bubbble Sort, Quick Sort, Insertion Sort, Shell Sort, Merge Sort, Heap Sort and Selection Sort. Download Zipped

Simple data structures

Java implementation of some well known simple data structures, including Graphs, Trees, Linked Lists, Sets, Queues and Stacks. Download Zipped


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