As you most likely can tell from the title,  this site will have my favorite artists/ bands on it.
My name is Ryan. I am fourteen and live in Chicago.  I play guitar and bass and some sports. If u want to know anything more about me u can hit me up at my screenname worshipcobain21
George Harrison (my favorite) is the lead guitarist of the group.  His unique style of playing influenced rock that came after him.  He is often seen playing his Rickenbacker or his Greatsch.  He first sang on the album Revolver.  Although George died of cancer in 2001 his friend Eric Clapton and his son Dhani (pronounced Danny) held a concert for him featuring many of his friends such as Jeff Lynn of ELO and Ringo and Paul from the Beatles.
The Beatles
The Beatles as a group were one of the most inovative bands in the history of music.
Their  ideas and styles changed rock n' roll forever.
Almost every band out now was in one way influenced by the Beatles whether they will admit it or not
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John Lennon was rythm guitarist and one of the main lead singers.  John and Paul together created one of the best writing combos ever to hit rock.  Together they wrote hundreds of songs and many of them hits.  He was the first Beatle to be killed.  On December 8, 1980 a crazed fan shot Lennon killing him.
Paul McCartney played bass and was the other main lead singer.  He is probably one of the best bass players to ever play.  His unique bass style influenced many bassist to come.  With Lennon, he has written hundreds of hits.  McCartney probably had the most successful solo career.  This year he played at the superbowl.
Ringo rocked it out on drums for the group.  Born Richard Starkey, Ringo was originally with another group that was considered better than the Beatles at the time.  The Beatles drummer was often missing gigs and Ringo would sit in with the band.  When the Beatles got the record deal for Please Please Me, the manager didn't like their drummers style and Ringo became a Beatle. 
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