Rules for NIRVANA:  Battle Of the Bands

Two (or more) bands/people volunteer to be a part of a Nirvana:  Battle of the Bands.  Then, the song that the bands will have to cover will be voted upon by visitors to this site.  The bands will cover the songs and submit it to this site.  Both bands and songs will be displayed along with a place where their covers may be voted on.  The winner will be displayed three days after both covers have been made available to the public on this website.  The winning band will get a point each battle, as a scoreboard will indicate how many battles a certain band has won.

- All recordings must be out of studio unless the competition has access to one.
- All files must be made in either .mp3, .wav, .ra, .rm, or  .ram extensions, except in special situations
- Each band will have at least two weeks to submit their copy of the cover
- Covers that Nirvana did (ex. Molly's Lips) will be accepted
-Each band will be e-mailed the results of the competition before it is made public.
- The bands will be asked to please upload the cover onto their own web space and send me the link to the song.
- Live recordings are accepted
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