The Greatest Modern Rock Songs of All Time

Modern Rock
50.Green Day				Time of Your Life
49.311					Down
48.Metallica				No Leaf Clover
47.Local H				Bound for the Floor
46.Rage Against the Machine		Killing in the Name
45.Metallica				Unforgiven
44.Custom				Hey Mister
43.Staind				Mudshovel
42.Blur					Song II
41.Eve 6				Inside Out
40.Cold					No One
39.Puddle of Mudd			Blurry
38.Korn					Freak on a Leash
37.Counting Crowes			Long December
36.The Strokes				Last Nite
35.Blink 182				Stay together for the kids
34.Kid Rock				Lonely Road of faith
33.Toadies				So Help me Jesus
32.System of a Down			Toxicity
31.Smashing PUmpkins			Tonight, Tonight
30.Sublime				What I Got
29.Fuel					Hemmorage
28.Pappa Roach				Last Resort
27.Live					Lightning Crashes
26.Coldplay				Trouble
25.Nirvana				Smells like teen spririt
24.Beck					Where its At
23.Nirvana				Heart Shaped Box
22.Limp Bizkit				I know Why You Wanna Hate Me (Misson Impossible Theme)
21.Silverchair				Anthem for the Year 2000
20.System of a Down			Chop Suey!
19.Ben Folds Five			Brick
18.Marilyn Manson			Sweet Dreams
17.Alice In Chains			Rooster
16.Bush					Mouth
15. Nirvana				The Man who sold the world (LIVE)
14.Nickleback				How You Remind Me
13.The Verve				Bittersweet Symphony
12.Pearl Jam				Black
11.Red Hot Chili Peppers		Under the Bridge
10.Verve Pipe				Freshmen
9.Pearl jam				Wish List
8.Everlast				What Its Like
7.Limp Bizkit				Rearranged
6.Stone Temple Pilots			Half the Man I used to Be
5.Tool					Let Em Swim
4.Creed					My Own Prison
3.Sublime				April 26 1992
2.Linkin Park				In The End
1.Aaron Lewis and Fred Durst		Outside (LIVE)

Greatest Modern Rock Groups of All Time

15. 311
14. Smashing Pumpkins
13. Silverchair
12. Limp Bizkit
11. Metallica
10. Bush
9. Green Day
8. Red Hot Chili Peppers
7. Tool
6. Sublime
5. Alice In Chains
4. Rage Against the Machine
3. Pearl Jam
2. Nirvana
1. Linkin Park

*These are the hardest decisions I've ever had to make besides the time when Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy were fighting over me. . . And sorry its a little sloppy but I'm too lazy to make a table.

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