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Vineet Chhabra
Total Quality Culture and Meditation
Vineet Chhabra, Ludhiana.
Shri Mataji, Founder of Sahaja Yoga
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
Total Quality Culture and Meditation
Human Beings ae invriably accepted as the catalysts of change towards total Quality Culture. What hunts, however, to the thousands of organisations, socities, leaders, and governments across the globe is the inability to achieve the Total Quality Culture on sustained basis. This primarily because the human transformation happens at this intellect level, and not at the "Inner Being" level, there by making the improvements on adhoc basis. As a natural consequence the benefits of genuine human values and immense inner-potentials are hardly realized on the continous basis to their environment in general. The disorders occur, Ego and Superego rise to unmanageable limits blocking the central direct path to human evolution. Stress, dissatisfaction, unfulfilled wants, all kinds of negativity and unending trail of diseases are found all pervasive.

A sound meditation technique has the potential to bring alive the dormant residual life energy residing in the sacrum bone at the base of the spine, which once alive, can instantly invoke all positive human qualities and make him realise his potentials. One of the remarkable, proven meditation technique is Sahaja Yoga. In this technique without any "Yoga Aasan", "Fasting", "Sacrifices" and "Prerequisites", one could feel the changes himself/herslef within a month. A very simple method is proposed to be done daily only for 10-15 minutes in the Morning and at Night. Once in a week, the collective meditation is recommended. The right method of meditation is now regarded as the ultimate HRD intervention to achieve Total Quality Culture through complete human transformation.

Source:- NSYS Newsletter, Vol.1, Issue 2.

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