Hey. My name is, well, not important. I live in California (US) and am 11 years old. My hobbies are video games, taking photos, and occasionally programming.

I have a PC, GameBoy Advance, and a Nintendo GameCube. For PC, to tell you the truth, I don't have any games. For My GBA, I have Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Crash Bandicoot Adventure, Lilo & Stitch, and I had Batman: Vengeance, which actually wasn't that bad considering how bad the cartoons are. For my GameCube, I have Pikmin (One boss game), Luigi's Mansion (Another boss game), Super Monkey Ball 2, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 (Yet another boss game).

I started taking photos when I got inspired by my friend, umm, who's name doesn't matter, who had a DA (DeviantART Account) at http://poeticwaters.deviantart.com. I use my digital camera, Argus DC1515, and take nice photos of my garden in my backyard. Check that out on the PhOto AlBum page.

Programming. I use JavaScript to perform all those functions you see in the OnLinE gAmES page. There isn't much else to say about programming except for if you would like to know about a great book about JavaScript, entitled JavaScript for the Absolute Beginner written by Andy Harris.

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