Welcome to the peppermints guild website. Here we will have updates on everything going on in the guild!!
Everyone who joins the peppermints guild will receive a newbie pack. Rules: you must be a member for one week. You must post at least 3 times on the message board. Once your week is up put a junk item up for trade and neomail luvin4u with the lot number. Please do not join just for the newbie pack. Its not fair.
As you can see we are just starting this guild out. Once we get it up and running, we will be holding a neo-survivor game.  We will also be having giveaways and contests. Please check here for the latest info.
Guild Rank
You can move up in rank 2 ways, 1) Posting on the message board! and 2) Donating to the guild! Rank goes as follows: Under 5 posts: Peanut,  5-10 posts: Caramel, 10-20 posts: Snickers, 20-30 posts: Lollypop, over 20 posts: Butterfinger!
If you feel you belong on the council, submit a application if the position is open! All applications will be looked at.
Want to Donate??
Click here to donate to the guild. These funds will be used for contests and giveaways! A donator page will be added to this site as well and everyone who donates will be listed! Thanks!!
Free Medicine!!
If your pet is sick please neomail luvin4u, as long as the cure is cheap enough (under 10k) I will give it to you for free. I will be checking your pets to see that they really are sick! If the cure is over 10k, please visit the healing springs. It may take a while but she will cure your sick pet eventually!  Also, please dont ever feed your pet a rotten omelette!!! Your pet will become sick!!
Click here for tips and hints!
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