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I am a senior technology executive with 16+ years experience in the Information Technology and Business-technology arena. I am interested in a business/technology position within Utah, preferably in the areas of executive technology management. I am looking to secure a position within an aggressive, fast paced organization that holds its values, employees and partnerships in the highest integrity.

Updated: Dec. 2005
 Nigel Powell
 Born in Essex, England,
 and now living, working
 and skiing in Utah, USA!

Senior Information Technology executive
with 16 years experience.

I have an extensive and broad business-IT skill set that allows me to quickly identify and implement comprehensive solutions to complex business needs. I have worked in a diverse and varied array of vertical business markets, including Education, Local & Federal Government, Public Utilities, Publishing, GIS, asset management, eCommerce and many other private industry business sectors. I pride myself on being a business professional who works to ensure the success of my company & my client base through the implementation of tried and tested business and software engineering practices.

My business experience includes P&L responsibility, cost benefit analysis, strategic business development, sales and marketing and team development and management. My technical experience covers full life-cycle management, eCommerce, n-tier architecture, database engineering and development in C# and Java/open source/standards and Methodologies; I work in a team environment to develop secure, reliable and scalable business solutions that provide cost effective solutions to your business needs. I have excellent client management and communications skills and my many years as a senior IT/Business consultant provides an excellent and proven track record of my abilities to efficiently implement mission critical solutions to complex and diverse business requirments.

Contact Information:
Phone: 801.502.6071
eMail: Nigel Powell

 Summary of Skills
My Resume in
Microsoft Word

I have an extremely broad range of skills that allow me to understand complex business environments and technologies with the net result of being able to move any organization towards its corporate objectives.

Skills includes:

  • Business analysis and strategic development
  • P&L responsibility
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Team development & team management
  • Client liaison
  • Program management
    • Full Life-cycle management
    • Methodologies
    • Project Management
    • Requirements definition
    • Application design & implementation
       inc. database design
    • Quality assurance
    • Documentation
  • R&D
  • Disaster recovery, planning & management
  • Sales & marketing
I stay current with technology trends and can provide insight into the latest advances in open source and proprietary technologies required to perform in today�s complex business world.

I LOVE to ski...
If you like to ski, & I do, Utah is the place to be. We have the greatest Snow on Earth!
I ski the Bird (www.Snowbird.com), which is only 11 miles from our front door! So on a good day I can leave the house and be skiing within 30 minutes. (It takes longer to get to work! go-figure!). In a good year we'll get well over 500" of snow! and the ski season can begin as early as November and go through May, its not uncommon to be able to ski on the 4th July, in Jean shorts and a t-shirt!

I enjoy many aspects of photography but in particular I enjoy shooting animals and nature and Utah�s mountain ranges provide plenty of opportunities to shoot both. I AM currently using a Canon 10D digital camera complete with a 28-135 IS USM and 70-300 IS USM lens. And if disk space was ever an issue with my old Sony, the Canon has only exemplified the problem. The Canon 10D is a full featured 6.13-mega pixel, digital SLR. and will shoot 3fps. I can highly recommend this camera it is fast, accurate and durable. A full review of the 10D can be found at http://www.dpreview.com

 Fun to ride in the sun.
2004 Kawasaki Z1000
I enjoy riding my Kawasaki Z1000 and Utah�s dry and warm summer whether provides the ideal climate for long motorbike rides into the mountains, although Utah drivers are to be avoided at ALL costs.......... As fall sets in and the snow begin to accumulate on the tops of the mountains its time to set the bike aside and wax the skis... THINK SNOW!

Daniel-son 3yrs
Kaitlyn 9yrs
Benjamin 6yrs
How do they get so big, so fast?
  JavaScript Fun.
Here's a little fun I've been having with Java Script.
This example allows you to drag and resize panels on the screen. Play around with it (Click Here) and let me know what you think.
Please ensure JavaScript is turn on, else it won't work!
Daniel, Kaitlyn & Benjamin.

Leadership through experiential learning.
Live life & learn.
Nigel Powell
[email protected]
I AM a graduate of
Impact Trainings
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