Nipanjan Gupta [Rajan]
Hi !! Hello !! Is it me, you are looking for !?! ....

I am Nipanjan Gupta, alias Rajan. Both me & my sweetheart wife Shreerupa, are Bengali speaking Indian citizen, originated from Kolkata (Calcutta) in West Bengal. By religion we are follower of Hindu religion (Bengali Shakta rite).

Since June 2009 I'm working at Amdocs Development Center Delhi Pvt Ltd, as a DataBase Administrator, and so we are residing at Gurgaon in northern Indian state Haryana.

Before this - from Oct 2006 to June 2009 - I was working at Amdocs Development Ltd, same as a DBA, and so we were residing at Limassol in Cyprus, a Greek-dominated Mediterranean island republic, and also a member of Europian Union & (British) Commonwealth.
almost 3 years in Cyprus, was one of the most memorable part of my life !!! ... and of course the Most Glorius part of My Life !!! I became a DBA professional, learned driving a car, learned a little Greek, lived side by side with Greek people, stayed far away from all complicacies of indian families, travelled so many places in & around ..... it is countless !!! ... initially, we faced lot of lot of difficulties in Cyprus, which we overcame in first 1 & half years ..... Unfortunately when we settled well, we adjusted and liked our leaving with our house, car, job, salary, a few known shops and friendly owners, when it really became a perfect life, we had to leave the place due Global Economic Downturn. Now everything is unsettled and we have to start from zero ��.. ...

Before that - I taught Computer Networking & Unix, as Lecturer, at JIS College of Engineering, Kalyani (West Bengal, India) and as part-time Lecturer, at Govt College of Engg & Ceramics Technology, Kolkata (West Bengal, India), from 2001 to 2006. I was also attached with CU, KU, WBUT, WBBPE etc as examiner / paper setter.
I made a lot of students-turned-friends over there, and also I found my soulmate !!!... aahaa !!! So what do you think, am I a good teacher ??? .... All I know, I was friendly, methodical, innovative & compassionate, and hence I succeeded ...

I completed 10 years schooling from Bidhan Nagar Govt High School(BD) under West Bengal Board of Seconday Education on 1994, 2 years high schooling from Scottish Church College under West Bengal Council of Higher Seconday Education on 1996, 4 years Bachelor Degeree in Electrical Engg from Jalpaiguri Govt Engineering College under North Bengal University on 2000, 1 year Post Graduation Diploma in Information Technology, from Calcutta Extn Centre under IIT Kharagpur on 2001, and 2.5 years Master of Technology in Computer Technology from Compuetr Sc & Engg Dept under Jadavpur University on 2006.
Oooooopsss... !! a lot, yaa !!! ha ha ha .... all I gained, in most places, are - Moments, Memories, Life & Friends ....

Since childhood, I am a diehard but self-critical supporter of Communist Party of India [Marxist] in politics, and Mohun Bagan Athletic Club in Calcutta Football League.

I was born on 8th Feb 1978 at Bankura town of West Bengal, India. And we were married together on 26th April 2005 at Kanchrapara, her hometown.
Hey !!! Do you know - why I tell you these !! Don't forget to wish & send gifts !!


Why Famous ?
Oh No !! I am not famous person at all. I am a common man. And like a common but well-known man, many people know me - some love, some laugh and some hate ..... Same like my weekend snaps of Cyprus, which are sometimes popular, sometimes envied, and mostly ignored ......

what do I like to do?

Searching, knowing & Doing new things. I like have / grab anything new, may not like for second time, but at least once.

Write recent news about me ?

Yes, went to Sofia, Bulgaria for one month.

What food I like ?

Anything new - but all time favourites are Chinese, Bengali, Mughlai, Fish & Sweet items ...

What fashion ?

Anything Creative - specially Folk, Ethnics & Traditionals !!

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