Military Units

There are many different types of military units available to the infantryman:
- Infantry soldiers that escort the President, guard embassies, and guard the tomb of the unknown soldier.

- Can be deployed in a number of ways because all of the equipment needed is carried by the individual soldier or light vehicle

 - Heavy Infantry unit designed to keep up with armor (tanks) on the battlefield while carrying the Infantry into battle in an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV-Bradley)

 - Elite unit that can deploy and go anywhere in the world in 18 hours.  Also considered to be light infantry but with one considerable difference in that they deploy by jumping from perfectly good aircraft.

- The Eyes behind the lines these guys collect intel on the enemy in their own territory

- Special Operations unit whose main mission is to take airfields in order to make way for grounded (Light) Infantry. Ranger Creed

- Special Forces better known as "The Green Berets"

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