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Welcome to Ninyu Kerai's Battletech page. Don't expect to see that many pictures or other graphics on this page, as I don't plan on posting that many pictures for a bit yet :) This is a page dedicated to the subject of Battletech, in all it's many forms (the board game and the Microprose/Microsoft games being the main subjects of discussion here for now). When I get around to it, I may put up more files, but they do tend to eat up server space, so for now what you see is what you get :)

Just who is Ninyu Kerai, anyhow?

Ninyu Kerai is known as Clavell[WD]DCMS in Mechwarrior 4. The person who plays Ninyu/Clavell (me) is Stanley Wilhelm, and he has been playing various versions of Battletech since 1983. Stanley Wilhelm also is a Star Trek fan, but this is not a Star trek fan page, so that's the last you will hear of ST here :).

What is Battletech?

Battletech is: 1) a board game produced by FASA Corporation that is a simulation of combat involving 10- to 12-meter tall vaguely humanoid piloted war machines called BattleMechs that takes place in a ficticious 31st century; 2) a series of computer games produced by Activision (and now Microprose and Microsoft) under license from FASA Corporation that is a translation of said board game to a computerized simulation of combat involving said BattleMechs, which can be played both in single-player (offline) mode and in multiplayer (online) mode via LAN, IPX network, or modem-to-modem play that takes place during the years 3044-3063.

Who are Wolf's Dragoons?

Wolf's Dragoons are 5 regiments of mercenaries that mysteriously appeared in the Inner Sphere in 3005, near the periphery border of Houses Davion and Kurita, with brand-new 'Mechs that had not been seen since the fall of the Star League, some of the rarest JumpShips in the Inner Sphere, and a massive orbital repair facility. Not being one to question too closely the motives and equipment of 5 full regiments of mercenaries that were offering their services to him, Prince Ian Davion quickly gave the Wolf's Dragoons a 5-year contract, and sent them to the Davion-Liao border, where they quickly established a reputation for fearless and victorious combat against the Capellan Confederation. In 3008, the Dragoons were recalled by Colonel Jaime Wolf, the overall commander of the Dragoons, to their base on New Valencia, which was to later become famous as the first of the Dragoons mysterious "supply runs". In 3010, the Dragoons signed a contract with the Capellan Confederation, and quickly found themselves fighting against the forces of House Marik. Eventually, the Mariks came to so fear the Dragoons that they retreated from battle rather than face the Dragoons. In 3013, the Dragoons found themselves in service to Duke Anton Marik, who shortly thereafter declared himsself Captain-General of the Free Worlds League, thereby touching off the Marik Civil War of 3014-3016. During the course of the Marik Civil War, Marik loyalist forces put so much pressure on the Dragoons that they could do little to support other rebel forces, which created great tension between the Dragoons and Anton Marik. This tension reached the breaking point when Anton Marik arrested Colonel Joshua Wolf, Jaime's brother, and 27 other Dragoon support personnel at the Dragoon's temporary headquarters on New Delos. This so infuriated the Dragoons that they immediately launched an all-out attack on the rebel forces on New Delos, using all 5 regiments of Dragoons. These massive assaults only served to pin down the bulk of the rebel forces, while Natasha Kerensky, commander of the soon-to-be famous Black Widow Battalion, took her Black Widow's on an attack at the headquarters of Anton Marik himself, in an effort to free the Dragoons being held by Anton Marik. Natasha discovered that Anton had killed all the Dragoons he had arrested. For the next two days, the Dragoons went on a rampage, destroying most anything they saw in a fit of rage. To this day, the Dragoons have vowed never to forgive or forget the incident on New Delos, or to allow such a situation to occur again. At the conclusion of the Marik Civil War, the Drafoons braced themselves for an assault by the loyalist Marik forces, but instead they got a contract offer from Janos Marik, who let them spend the first three years of their new contract on garrison duty, rebuilding their strength. In 3019, the Dragoons went on one of the most daring deep-strike raids in the history of the Inner Sphere to attack the 'Mech factories on Hesperus II, the largest 'Mech factory complex in the entire Inner Sphere (and also one of the most heavily defended). A spy in the Marik court revealed the attack plan to the defenders of Hesperus II, which resulted in a very warm welcome for the Dragoons. Despite facing a well-planned defense, and an ambush by a fresh regiment of elite mercenaries right at the moment of seeming victory, the Dragoons nearly took their objective, but had to flee the planet when their forces became too weakened to long survive. Shortly after this battle, the Dragoons disappeared again on their second "supply run", returning in 3020 with more 'Mechs and fresh supplies. Shortly afterwards, the Dragoons signed a contract with the Lyran Commonwealth at the request of then-Archon Katrina Steiner (the original Katrina, not the usurper that has stolen her name in the 3050's) that included a clause that allowed the Dragoons to terminate the contract at any time of their choosing. It was during this contract that Jaime Wolf first met a Tai-i in the DCMS named Minobu Tetsuhara, who was then serving in the elite 2nd Sword of Light regiment. Minobu Tetsuhara spared Jaime Wolf's life when he could have killed him (Jaime's Archer was crippled, and was thus an easy target. Tetsuhara left him to survive the battle, desiring a future confrontation when both warriors would be at full strength, thus providing a true test of their skills). Jaime never forgot this event, which helped shape future events. After this battle, expected battles did not take place, and so Jaime Wolf terminated the contract in 3022, when Jaime Wolf signed a contract to work for the Draconis Combine at the request of the  Coordinator, Takashi Kurita. This contract came to a violent end, due to the machinations of Warlord Grieg Samsonov, Warlord of Galedon, whose District the Dragoons had been stationed in. The Dragoons allowed their contract with the Combine to end before attacking Combine forces in a private war between the Combine and the Dragoons, right before the start of the 4th Sucession War. The Dragoons signed a new contract with the Federated Suns shortly after the start of the 4th War, and were used as stalking horses by the Fox, Hanse Davion, Prince of the Federated Suns, against the Combine, keeping the Combine's attention focused on the Dragoons, allowing the Fox to conduct his war against the Capellan Confederation relatively free of distractions from the Combine. Currently, the Dragoons are in service to no one (3063), and are available for hire on their home base of Outreach, given to them free and clear by Hanse Davion following the 4th War.

A partial Cast of Characters from MPBT: Solaris and MPBT: 3025 (both games now dead, BTW)
(updated to reflect current info I have on these individuals)

Dalfsson *DCMS*, former Training Officer of the Sun Zhang Military Academy of the Draconic Combine Mustered Soldiery (or DCMS, for short), former CO of the Dieron Military District, a.k.a. Psychodwarf (a real nice guy, and my brother in real life, so I had better call him a real nice guy, because I would never hear the end of it otherwise. Besdies, he owns the computer I use, so I have to be nice to him :). He is, in truth, a nice guy, and his favorite sight on Solaris is a jumping mech that is airborne, and within range of his guns. He calls such mechs "skeet", as in skeet shooting :)) (also serves as online coordinator for message board violations on AOL and Gamestorm and as a Helper on Gamestorm, can also be found playing Legends of Kesmai as Kingdalf or Dalfsson)

Gunji-no-Kanrei Tarl Cabot HXO (known to many Kuritans as the "King of the Grasshopper" due to his skills in that type of mech. If you see him in a 'Hopper, be prepared for a fight to the death) (current info reflects his current status on the Gamestorm MPBT server)

Pacer of the Golden Horde, former Clanner, current leader of the Mongol Hordes on the Gamestorm MPBT server, a guy I have known quite a while now in MPBT, and a very good pilot, with more than a few opinions (and no hesitiation to share them with anyone he can get the attention of). Pacer has an at-times bizzare sense of humor, but he can also be dead serious, and he is far more mature then his youth would suggest. If you get on his bad side, run. Run fast. And pray he isn't catching up to you.

Other names may be added later, when I get the time and can think of something to say about them :)

Battletech-related links

 If any of the links below don't work, e-mail me at the address given below, and I'll try to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Use the above link (link now broken, I know) to go to the official website of possibly (in my not-so-humble opinion) the best Battletech game to be released in the next year, a game that many people have been waiting for since 1993: Multiplayer Battletech: 3025, the game of strategic and tactical combat in the year 3025 among the 5 Great Houses of the Inner Sphere. The game is planned to take place among more than 1900 planets, involving up to 10,000 players per Great House Army. The game is tenatively scheduled to enter Closed Beta test status sometime this Winter, with a (very tenative) public release date of sometime during the Spring of 2000 (with all such dates from Kesmai Corporation, take them with a large grain of salt, as the game will be released when Kesmai thinks it is ready, and not before :=))

The MoB : (link may not work) The home page of the MoB (formerly known as the Ministry of Battletech), a group of fiercely-dedicated Battletech fans, led by the legendary GodMom of the MoB, Camille Klein (who is also a good freind of mine, and a rabid hater of spammers, clueless luzers, and idiots in general). Visit the MoB's web site to find-a out for-a yourself what the MoB is about, capisce, paisano?

Slayer's Battletech Page   : A good Battletech-related page, it has a lot of good stuff relating to the board game and the Activision computer games. He also has his own files page, with a bunch of good files such as MechEngineer Pro (a mech builder program for the board game), The Drawing Board (another 'Mech builder program for Windows 95/98), Vehicle Factory (a vehicle builder program for the board game), and Mechwar version 1.12 (a computerized version of the board game itself that runs under DOS, but the original programmer is writing a Win95-based version of this program that should be out later this year, hopefully).

  Kali : This is a program that "fools" your PC into thinking you are part of an IPX network, allowing you to connect to a Kali server for playing such games as Diablo, Warcraft2, Netmech, and Mercnet, among others. It comes in DOS (not recommended), Win95 (best bet for PC  users with Win95), and Mac versions. The latest version of Kali is Kali beta version 1.99d.

  FASA : (link now dead) The home page of the company that unleashed the game called Battletech, which has been in existence for something like 15 years now. They have had their problems of late, but they are also responsible for Virtual World's Battletech section, as well as overseeing the work being done on both MechCommander and Mechwarrior 3 (and 4). UPDATE: FASA is closing down effective once their remaining inventory has been sold. WizKids, run by FASA founder Jordan Weisman, has assumed control of the Battletech and Shadowrun universes.

  Activision : The home page of the company responsible for the production of the Mechwarrior 2 series of games. You can find the official patches for any of their games here, as well as a downloadable version of Netmech for DOS (an original CD version of Mechwarrior 2 is needed to host a game of Netmech, and is strongly recommended for play, regardless of whether you are hosting a game or not)

 id Software : Yes, this site has absolutely *nothing* to do with Battletech, but I also enjoy playing a couple of games from these folks, Doom II and Quake, so I figured I'd put up a link to their web site, just for the heck of it :). Quake II 3.20 is out, along with Capture The Flag version 1.50 for Quake II, and Quake III Arena is probably hitting some store shelves even as I type this :).

  EvilNET : The website of a dedicated group of Battletech fans (who also like other things mechs, such as Heavy Gear, Robotech, and Shogo) who also happen to run an IRC server where you can find me some nights (the server is, port #6667, channel is #battleforce, the main "entry" channel for the entire server, and the main home to the BT folks there). Read the server rules on the MOTD window, and join the gang. We don't bite. Much. :)

I'll post some other links as soon as I get them, and if you have a good Battletech web page you want me to add, send me the URL for it to the address listed below and I'll check it out. If it's a good page, I'll put up a link to it! But please, DON'T send me the URL to a links page, please! I want links to pages with content, not a page that just sends you to other links!

Other Battletech resources

Two other good places to go to find out more about Battletech are the Internet Usenet newsgroups and To find out more about these newsgroups, and the whole range of Usenet newsgroups, visit Deja News


  The Drawing Board : This is, in my opinion (and the opinion of many), one of the best 'Mech editors around for creating revised versions of the old 'Mechs from FASA (and creating 'Mechs of your own) for use with FASA's BattleTech board game. The latest version includes damn near every piece of game technology (Levels One, Two, and Three) introduced by FASA, up thru and including Field Manual: ComStar.

  Personal 'Mechs for use with The Drawing Board : This file is a collection of all my versions of FASA's 'Mechs (up thru, and including, Technical Readout 3060), as well as some 'Mechs I created for my own amusement. Be warned, tho: I have this love of XL engines, so if XL-engine eqipped 'Mechs aren't your cup of tea...

  3025-era Mechs for use with The Drawing Board : This file is a collection of just about every FASA-created 3025-era 'Mech,
as well as some 3026 and Solaris VII boxed set 'Mechs.

  3050-era 'Mechs for use with The Drawing Board : This file is a collection of the 'Mechs from Technical Readout 3050, and includes the original 16 Clan OmniMechs.

  3055/58-era 'Mechs for use with The Drawing Board : This file is a collection of the 'Mechs from Technical Readouts 3055 and 3058, and it includes all of the IS and Clan OmniMechs from both books.

  3060-era 'Mechs for use with The Drawing Board : This file is actually a collection of two .zip files combined into one, which contains most all of the 'Mechs introduced in Technical Readout 3060 (the TR with all the crappy Plog-created 'Mech artwork).

  3050+ to 3025 Tech Refits : This file contains my "retrograde" refits of most of FASA's Tech Readout 3050 and later 'Mechs using only Level 1 tech (except for the Clan 'Mechs, which use only IS Level 2 tech in place of their usual Clan tech).

Send suggestions, comments, criticisms, etc. to:  Ninyu Kerai

MPBT Light and Medium 'Mechs      MPBT Heavy and Assault 'Mechs

Inner Sphere 3050+ Light and Medium 'Mechs

Inner Sphere 3050+ Heavy and Assault 'Mechs

Clan Light and Medium 'Mechs    Clan Heavy and Assault 'Mechs

Personal Mechs and variants created using HeavyMetalPro (link not active yet)

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