Race: Human
Gender: Female
Birthday: 9/11/1401
Training: Barbarian, Ranger, Bard, Druid
Level: 206
Clan: SpiritWalk
Favorite weapon: solid steel battleaxe(233 damage!)
Favorite item: a magical belt pouch
Favorite place: Hearth of the Kitchen Witch in SpiritWalk Clanhall
QP: > 4500
Masters: Axe

Future Predictions:
I will never ever be an Archon. Hee!
I'm going to be a newbie forever and ever.
I am hoping to get a Vandemaar Trunk sometime, but with the way I quest it'll probably be sometime next spring (if I'm lucky).

Earth Fire Passion Judgement
Wealth Wisdom Charisma Victory
Greed Patience Faith Youth
Luck Vigor Truth Humility
Honor Sanctuary Pestilence Darkness
Adventure Exploration Chance
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