Day to Day

YAY!!!!!! Contest results finally came out! And in a complete reversal of last year, my personal site has gotten absolutley no mention, whatsoever. BUT, SpiritWalk's website placed SECOND! I honestly thought I was being kind of optimistic hoping we'd get a Category Win, and now we've not only got 3 of those, but second place overall. So we're hoping we can use the roots we have now to buy an upgrade, and then get another upgrade using our free one from win. We're not sure if the imms will let us do that, but I'm crossing my fingers and looking forward to 6 new clannies to come to love and adore. Whee! *purrs*
Oh yeah, I got a better in music and a couple decent quest in.
Sunday, November 23, 2003

The Powers have noticed thy efforts at betterment, and have rewarded thee!
You gain 5 hit points, 5 spell points, 5 stamina, and 8 practices!
Due to your experiences, you have earned a 1 point increase in sanity.
You have become more learned at 'ooze invocation'.
[CLAN] Witness has gained class level 30, total level 210!

Yeah... That kinda sucked. -_-;
Sunday, November 9, 2003

You have become a master at 'axe' .
You have become more learned at 'bash' .
Whee! Level 208. *smack self* Bad Quest Whore!
Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Huh. Sometime after I leveled to 206 crocs went down to 29K exp. I was almost positive I'd killed them after my level for 45K though. *shrugs* Oh well, not like I've never been that dumb before. Got in quiet a few decent quests from Undya and Agrippa in the last few days. I'm rather sick of going to Maldra's Keep though. People like to PK me so I can't complete my quest. So sad.
Monday, November 3, 2003

After getting PK'd in PG a couple days ago by a 180 (in about 4 rounds). I decided I need to do some serious Quest Whoring. I need to practice up some of my skills. I escpecially need to get my HP up. I'll also be spending some time gold digging, since I have under 500k gold. This will push back my Hero plans quite a bit, but I fully intend to be a whole lot stronger by the time I Hero. So here's to the long haul. Cheers.
Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Yeah.... I got bored. So I changed the layout. *shrugs* Changed Witness's Story a bit too, because the name I picked for my mentor is used in game. Kandar (*licks*) gave me permission to use his name. Hmmm... I'm level 206. I rediscovered the crocs in the lake north of rune. Didn't know I'd still get max exp from them. Whee!
Saturday, October 25, 2003

Member Roster for Clan #13, SpiritWalk (Coven):
No. Name Ranking
[ 9] *Witness Elder

Wow. I think this is probably the most amazing thing that has happened to me in a long time. This is so hard to put into words.... Just, well... Thank you, SpiritWalk. I love each and every one of you. *gets watery eyes* *clan bear hug*
Sunday, October 19, 2003

Well, RL sucks. But I have access to the internet pretty much every day now and after a while of sitting around in the Clanhall chatting it up I finally got motivated to do some quests and talk Thassen and Toven into taking me to the Catacombs of Shame. I'm level 202.
You have been granted the Mark of Earth!
You gain 48 practices!
You gain 250000 experience points!
Saturday, October 4, 2003

*snickers* Yeah, I confused myself. I meant to post this a month ago, but I went Druid, not Priest. Still not getting much internet time. Missed Gothnor and Niky's wedding! *sniffles*
Sunday, June 21, 2003

Ugh, I haven't been playing much the past couple of weeks. Mostly due to moving out of the house and into an apartment of my own. I don't have internet so I can only get on at my parents house, and that's when I'm not working at one of my two jobs. Hopefully I'll be able to afford internet soon!
Friday, May 30, 2003

*smirks* Guess I forgot to mention I went priest. I'm level 196. Got to play with my bone grinder! *woohoo!* My magic bomb does at least 291 in damage (I know this because one flew back in my face and killed me), I'm guessing over 300, because I had armor on. It's spiffy! Flame wind is pretty cool too. Can't think of anything else. *waves*
Saturday, April 26, 2003

Ah, the stupidity that is me. *snark* Easter global was fun! Caught around 40 hares. Unfourtunatley, after a few hares, I decided to multi, and go to Telli to catch hares. Turns out there are traps for each class. 0_o But I was having fun, so I kept trapping hares, and gave them away to clannies and friends. I'm level 191. Four more levels till I can play with my bone grinder!! (Quote Azurerain: "Does it vibrate??")
Tuesday, April 22, 2003

*bows* Yes! After *checks* 7 months and 7 days (Wow! CreeEEeEeepy!) I have reached level 180!

Your blood freezes as you hear a giant hawk's death cry.
You receive 4,401 experience points.

The Powers have noticed thy efforts at betterment, and have rewarded thee!
You gain 5 hit points, 5 spell power, 5 stamina, and 11 practices!
Due to your experiences, you have increased your vitality by 1 point.
You have become more learned at 'detect illusion'.
You have gained the ability to practice 1 new skill based on increased skill com
plexity rating(s).
[CLAN] Witness has gained class level 60, total level 180!
A giant hawk collapses lifeless to the ground.

Got the Luck mark too! (41 pracs) And the mark of Vigor! (38) Now I just gotta wait around for awhile. Check out this global later. Might be worth the time. If not, I'll multi today and go level. Whee!
Sunday, April 20, 2003

Ugh... CPK'd. I found a portal to Maldra's Keep, and decided to stick around and try to get mark of treachery, for the hell of it. Got killed a few times in NPK. Then I'm pretty sure I was tricked into CPK. Lost most of my good eq. Bought it back from Larke. Down to around 700k gold. *sniffs* So sad! But I'm level 179! Only 12mill exp till I can multi! *bounces*
Thursday, April 17, 2003

WoooHooo! Guess who's level 175! Okay, well, if you haven't guessed your pretty damn daft. *comforts* Don't worry, not everybody can be brilliant. Anyways, now I can use my 180 weapons. Solid steel battleaxe is doing 230 damage points. *flex* Anyways, back to killing stuff! *waves*
Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Ahhh... Good to be back. After Xmas, a very busy month of hockey, and pretty much hell on earth IRL in February, I've been playing more often. Got stuck in the underworld. I'm level 173. Oh yeah, I got out of the underworld. Had to have a friend of a clannie rescue me. *smirk* Well that's about it. Pretty much just wanted to write something, since I haven't writen in 2 months.
Friday, March 14, 2003

I didn't realize it had been so long since my last entry. Not much has happened. I'm level 171. I was bored again, so now I'm trying the Twin Moons Inn puzzle again. I remember trying it when I was littler. Now I can kill the cook for the wine, but I can't figure out where in the name of the Powers, the Loney Dragon Inn is. For that matter, is that a typo? Is it supposed to be Lonely? That would make more sense. I consulted the AlyriaOnline archive of maps, and I couldn't find anything. Which leaves very few places it could be. Or I could have just missed it. Or it may not even exist. I'm sure it's not in Rune, Tellerium, Sigil or Vospire, I know those towns pretty well. I didn't see it on the map for New Rigel, which would make the most sense, or in Xaventry, which has many inns, or Lowangen. I didn't see it in Templeton either. That leaves Pirate's Cove and Diocletian. That or maybe it is along the road, like Twin Moons is... I wonder where it would be if it is. Maybe on the north road towards Tower of Art? Or perhaps that building on the west side of New Rigel. I'd come to think that was a clanhall, but perhaps I'll go inspect it some more. Oh, I found a Vandy Orb, but I have over 600 pracs, so I sold it. It's nice to have gold! I was down to 200,000 gold pieces.
Sunday, December 15, 2002

Well, damn. That was certainly... interesting. Late tonight I recieved a quest from Lord Agrippa that involved travelling to the Long Hallway in Tower of Art. Once there I decided to forgo the quest and instead focus on killing the evil creatures there to raise my alignment. I preceeded to kill practiclly everything in the tower and had just leveled (166) when I thought to myself "Hey, you've got nothing better to do so: Let's put all your equippment in your pouch and see how hard the half-dragon with the unspellable name in the CPK is." If you are at all familiar with me this is where you'll start to get worried. Anyways, I died.
Heh. Heh. Heh. As I was sitting in the Void, I realized I hadn't put my invisible items in my pouch. I'd taken off my Darkland belt before putting everything in. After reincarnating and spelling myself using my flute, I climbed back up the tower to try and get my stuff back. I intented to go in, get all my stuff from my corpse and flee out. Unfortunatly I learned something new then. It is apparently considered greedy to take more than one thing at a time from a person's corpse. So, altering my tactics I rushed into the lair, grabbed my Bracelet of Life Sustain, and fled back out. Then I healed myself and went back in to get my Pendant of Dira in the same manner. This is when I died the 2nd time.
So I was again in the Void, repremanding myself for not putting my Bracelet in my Magical Belt Pouch when I'd had the chance. When I reincarnated again, I retrieved my Black Platemail, which has sanctuary on it, from my pouch and went back up the tower. This time I got my flute first, spelled myself with a light, shield, and detect invisibility, then put my platemail back in my pouch. Thank the Powers I did ONE thing right, or I'd have been screwed, because I died AGAIN, and AGAIN forgot to put my Bracelet in my pouch before going in for the Pendant. I believe this is probably one of the stupider things I've ever done. Anyways, I did the same thing again when I reincarnated, only this time, when I was healing myself between rescues, my spell surged. It seems the Powers enjoyed my little comedy show, because the surge made me Ethreal. Not even the cursed Fen-whatever, Half-Dragon, could harm me now. So I got all my stuff back, and and I now of proof of 2 things.
1)I am Alyria's stupidest person.
2)I am also Alyria's luckiest person.
Oh, and a little interesting fact while we're at it, that last death put me at an even 500. *GRINS*
October 13, 2002

Let me remember... What has happened in the past month? I am level 165. I was CPK'd by Aeark. *grimace* My bad, I think I'll stay out of Atlantis for awhile, even if the quest IS 8 practices. *sobs* I lost my Bracelet of Life Sustain. I had to spend QP I was saving for a violin to get a new one. That's all I can remember that was of any signifigance.
Thursday, October 3, 2002

*flex* I'm level 158. 4 of us clannies went out to PG. It was a bit of a fiasco at first. Hermit had been used, got killed on the way out. Decided to walk, got in a sort of musical chairs with Toven, Gothnor and the portal. Got about 2 minutes into the ocean, and Goth's ISP booted him off(he came back about an hour later). Then we stood around deciding if we should use my boat, and if I could figure out where it was. But we finally made it! Whoop! And then I got caught by a bomb in NPK(Thank the Powers!) moat, and on the way down again was promptly smash dead by a boulder. My boat is floating around outside the reef... Hope it doesn't get TOO damamged... Or lost for that matter. But oh well, it's just a skiff. I'll live. Speaking of the skiff, when it ran aground on accident, Toven and Rainspirit got hurt. *snickers* They lost 1 hp. We were all chargrined at that.
I've got a bunch of tourms and near 70 roots. Much better than the other time I was here. I think I got maybe 10 roots. *snicker* Finally got a good axe for my level! (Thank you Toven!!) Hmmm... Oh!Oh!Oh! I got the mark of Honor and Pestilence. Hooray for me! (And of course, thanks again to Toven.) Finally decided what donation to get. I chose a magical belt pouch. It's spiffy for CPK, because I can but all my eq in there and just run around naked. I might lose my bags, and that would suck, but not nearly as much as it could. Can't think of anything else that has happened... Guess that's it. Time to go back to more PG fun! *bounce* Whee! =)
Wednesday, September 4th, 2002

*yawns* Well, been a bit long since I wrote last. Not much has happened. I'm level 149 now, though! Been hanging out in the Seelie castle. Still haven't decided what donation item to get.
Sunday, August 25, 2002

Got the Mark of Chance! 38 pracs.
Wednesday, August 14th, 2002

BWAHAHAHA!!! I multied!!!
[15 :135 F Human Bard Castle] Witness [SpiritWalk]
*bounce* Now I just have to memorize all those Bard songs! Of course, it would have taken me the better part of the week to multi, if not for Tovy and Starry. Especially Tovy! *big slobberly clan licks* Once I get some of my more escential(wonder if that's spelled right...) skills back, I'll have to go exploring! Hmmm... Oh! And I'll need to aquire a decent mortar and pestle. HEHEHE! Must go level some more now!
Tuesday, August 13th, 2002

Wow... I won something...

That was a surprise. Though I'm really disapointed the clan website didn't win anything. I mean, we spent 3 months on that page, and I spend 2 days on this one. I suppose I should have learned how to use flash.
On other subjects, I forgot to mention in ealier logs that I am now up to over 2200 tourms thanks to Super Clannie Gothnor! *bounces around* Whee! Should be ablt to multi next week if I don't get distracted again! I'm still planning on being a Bard. Gotta save up pracs for music, someone told me it'll be 5 pracs per 1%. *GRIMACE* Yuck! *thinks* I'm supposed to get 2 Vandy orbs from the website contest though! *jumps for joy* That'll help ALOT. I'll also get $30 donation dollars. I think I'll either get a Key of Gath(so I don't have to waste all that money on reagants for Lightning Bolt)... oh wait... *slaps self* I'm going bard, I'll have the music version. I suppose that's why I write stuff out, I think stupid in my head. So that leaves a Pendant of Lord Maldra, or maybe one of those pouches, since I don't feel like trying to get a trunk from Maldra. Well, stuff for me to think about.
Tuesday, August 6th, 2002

Okay, so this actually has nothing to do with Materia Magica, but I have to show off how I celebrated my 18th birthday. *GRIN*

Sunday, August 4th, 2002

Gah! After my Wiz Cloak sparking, and then loaning it to a clannie who has failed to return it, I've repeatedly been without invis, with has caused numerous deaths from Ash Dragon, and one from an exploding fire thingy corpse. So I've been sitting in social... Being bored...
Wednesday, July 24th, 2002

Well, I've been having fun just sitting and chatting with clannies all week, so consequently I've gotten very little of anything else done. Clannies are so demanding! *HALO* Or maybe I'm the demanding one... I'll have to think on that one. *laughs*
Friday, July 19th, 2002

Thought I ought to post, even though not much has happened. Due to alternate-personality/earth-type-reality happenings, I've been inactive for a few days. The two weeks I estimated it would take me to multi are over *kicks self* I still need over 2000 tourms. (I kinda forgot about those, been a long time since my first multi-class)
Monday, July 15th, 2002

**Acron is sitting on a space hopper.
'So few people seek me out!' Acron exclaims to you. 'You should be rewarded appropriately.'
You gain 8 practices!
OoOoooOOoo... Though maybe I HAVE seen that before... *considers* It's possible considering my memory. O_o
Sunday, July 7th, 2002

The Global was interesting. Only got 9 pracs and 10,000 gp, but it at least relieved the bordum for a day. Got in my 5 quests today. Might try to do a few more later if I get time. I still have to get tourms for my multi, and I need to put 6% more on fast healing, and 38% more on meditation. Then hopefully I'll have enough pracs to get music up decently. When I was checking out the neo-mindflayers/Arcon connection, Arcon did something I don't remember him ever doing before. He said he couldn't reward me as he did others, and gave me one gold coin. I'll have check that out on one of my first class alts.
Saturday, July 6th, 2002

Got in 9 quests to make up for the 4 total, the past 2 days. Botched the 10th on accident. Used 20 pracs on dodge. Found out there's a level 155 mortal and pestle now. Hopefully one will come up on auction, or a clannie can help me get one. Can't wait till I'm 3rd class. I'll be able to explore more. Sigil is getting VERY boring. Though I'm still intriuged by the neo-mindflayers. There's a whole bunch of orange in their caverns, and it mentions an 'alien' presense. Then there's the orange alien craft in the maze. Are they connected? I wish somebody knew for sure. But nobody I've asked does. O-well.
Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002

Got in 2 quests... Not a very busy day in Alyria.
Sunday, June 30th, 2002
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