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Hi, and welcome to Nintendo Research Online. Your wait for coverage is over, because now it's time for some serious business. Screenshots. Walkthroughs (from Nintendo Power. Yes, they are exclusive.). Info. Reviews. It's all here, and brought to you, exclusively, from the Nintendo Researcher.
Now you're playing with power.
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Last Updated: 7-3-03
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GB Advance
3-9-04  Remember to check the RB Games box's link to check which games I have.  If you have any questions about any of the games on the list, you can e-mail me at [email protected] to ask me. I will try to give you any info I have to help you. Also, I've added a Tony Hawk's Underground page to the site. Click on GameCube (on the left) and then click the T.H.U.G. picture.
Today I've updated the links page and the 'RB Games' box.
Today I've updated the 'RB Games' box again, and I've added a poll below the box, too.
I've updated the 'Recently Bought Games' box.
We've started a magazine. It is called NR Online Unplugged. Here is a picture of the cover.
Today I've added a link to our MSN Group on the links page. Please visit us and join so we can notify you of updates and many more excellent things!
Today I've updated the GameCube games page and the N64 games page. I've also added a new Perfect Dark Section. Lots of good stuff!
Tonight I've added a Metriod Prime Pics page. I hope you enjoy it.
Today I've updated the THPS 4 Pics page with several new shots. All are large and of good quailty.
Despite what you may think, I haven't dissappeared from the face of the Earth. I'm back with a Recently Bought Games bar. It should be useful.
I've updated the links page with a new website.
Here's some more THPS info. This time I've made a page w/ some screens of the THPS 2 levels. Pretty neat! Check it out here.
I'm back! Added a THPS 4 page w/ some screens and a Info of the moment box..
I've removed those annoying & tacky bars from the layout. If you wanna, go to the GameCube section & check out the new NBA 2K2 page. It's gonna have more stuff later, too.
Today I added 2 new links to the Links Page. I've also added a Super Smash Brothers Melee page with some info.
I've updated the Recent Happenings page. Go take a look.
Go to the GameCube page for an update.
I've changed the layout & intro on the index page. I also added a spinning NES logo. Hope you like it.
More updates for you! This time I've added a new review to the GBA Section. It is for Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone. It was scanned from the Jan. 2002 issue of GamePro. I've also added some SNES Text reviews. There are some screenshots included with each review.
Wow! I've been working hard lately! Two Updates in two days! Today I
added a Game Boy Advance section along with a few reviews to go with it! I've also added a NES Reviews page with some Reviews.
3-14-02 Updated the 'What has the NintendoResearcher Been Up to Lately?' page with some new information.
I've updated the GameCube games page with SSX Tricky. It includes some facts and some screenshots. It's tricky!
I fixed the "X-Tra Items for the NES" page. Now you can click on all of the pictures for a bigger version.
I'm back! This time I've added a Magazine Scans page, along with some scans from Nintendo Power about Perfect Dark. I also updated the GameCube Games page. See what you think!
Added a 'other assorted items' page to the NES Section. It's neat!
Added the "What has the Nintendo Researcher been up to lately?" section on the main page. Give it a read. I may add a map for the set of GBC games, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & The Legend of Zelda: The Oracle of Ages. It used to be on the original Nintendo Research Online website.
I'm still working on the GBC section, so expect to see more today.
Added a GBC section, along with a game.
Added a GameCube Section. There will be much more GameCube information to come! Hope that you enjoy the section & screenshots of Luigi's Mansion! Also added link to the THPS 2 Special Feature, although it still isn't finished. It looks pretty good!
Currently I've been working on a special feature. It is about Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2. It isn't avalable yet (unless you know the exact address, because I'm not putting a link to it till the page is finished) but there will be when it is finished. It is taking me quite a bit of time, because finding the right pictures isn't easy! Look for it here in a little while. I also added a counter to my home page. I've started changing the name of the site to Nintendo Research Online, to give the site a more 'important' sounding name. Hope you enjoy it, but also check it out tomorrow.
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