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15th February 2005

Guess what I'm not going to do? Anything! Oh, except upload this MIDI so I can get some feedback...

24th October 2004

The site will no longer be a Starfox website. From this day onwards, it will be where I upload the MIDI I sequence. Here's a list of the MIDI that I'll add today:

World 4 - Chai (Super Mario Land, GameBoy)
Green Market Qr. (Shenmue II, Dreamcast)
Mini Game (Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Nintendo 64)
Music Room (Luigi's Mansion, Gamecube)
-Runway (Goldeneye, Nintendo 64)
Winds Of La Gias (Masoukishin)
Nazomi's Theme Part One (Shenmue, Dreamcast)

Other than MIDI, I will be putting my comics up on this site. This won't be for a while, however. This site is still under construction, and it will still be a while before its fully up and running. For now, however, you may listen to the MIDI above.
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