4/13/07 - Check it out
       Since I've been having a great spring break this time, I decided to take this awesome sketch I just drew of the the CONNECTED protagonist and show it off here! I just thought it was really awesome, y'know? Ryou's my favorite character now! Plus, I've got a sprite up there too. By the way, the reason why he kinda looks like Laurce is because Laurce (although he has a different name in this game) is his twin brother.
        So obviously, CONNECTED has been progressing very, very smoothly. I've finished the first chapter of the script (although I wasn't too satisfied w/ the ending of it so I'm likely revising it later...), and I started on the second chapter but thought it was very poorly done in comparison to the first and decided to rewrite it almost completely -_-. Either way, that basically discouraged me a bit for the storyline so I started spriting/programming instead! So you can probably expect a small demo in the next couple months.

- Short Stories Anthology posted!
- Laurce Cyrus and the Mystery of the Titanica: Part 1 posted!
- First demo of Animi Memoria posted!
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