Yoshi is one of those Nintendo characters who just keeps on coming back.  Not content with his role in the early N64 title, Mario Kart 64, Yoshi decided to opt for a more starring role in his own game-Yoshi's Story.
With a story line that comes out of a Teletubbies episode the Super Happy Tree has been Tree-napped by Baby Bowser.  The Yoshi's mission, should they choose to accept it, is to find the Super Happy Tree and bring happiness back to the land.
All the levels comprise of 3D Yoshi's on 2D worlds with the classic Mario style scrolling-This is the forerunner of the newest Mario game-Paper Mario.  There are six Yoshi's at first plus two hidden (Namely the Black and White Yoshi's).
Throughout the level you must collect fruit and stomp Shy-Guy's into oblivion.
With the story set in a storybook the game is quite original.
The game is decidedly very retro and looks like a beefed up Super Mario Land.
All this retro-ness makes for a very enjoyable gaming experience for the Under 10's and my sister who is seven finds the game very fun.
If Yoshi's Story were a toy it would be a Fisher-Price, aimed at the younger age group and easy to use.
The graphics are quite nice with the Yoshi's running and jumping in a 2D sidescroller but they themselves are 3D.
Soundwise the game is very nice with great music and on the same page as Mario 64, its very clear and there are some great sound effects.
There is no multiplayer for YS but then if you want Yoshi in a multiplayer get Smash Brothers, Mario Kart or Mario Party 2.
In the gameplay department the game is not too great.  There isn't much challenge and you will finish it in a matter of hours.
For the younger Nintendo owner

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