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Yoshi's Story Skin

This skin features everyone's favorite dinosaur-Yoshi.
The skin looks fairly nice and works well.
Download the Yoshi Winamp
Zelda Skin-Alan Mattson

Very fancy Zelda Skin-Looks like a gameboy screenshot-It works pretty damn well and looks quite good!
Download the Zelda Winamp Skin!
Super Mario Skin-Marten Fredriksson
Mario returns with a vengence in this well laid out skin-The buttons are a bit hard to see sometimes but other than that it rules!
Download the Super Mario Skin!
Perfect Dark Skin
Joanna Dark makes a very welcome appearence on this PD skin-Unfortunatly only the logo adorns this skin but never the less a vital download for the self respecting PD fan-Works well too!
No Picture
All skins are property of and their creators-OTW in no way takes credit for the design of these skins or the Winamp player.
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