The second in the series of four THQ wrestling game, WCW Revenge was up against the Acclaim classic WWF Warzone at the time of release.
WCW Revenge featured over 40 top WCW superstars including Hulk Hogan, Sting, Bret Hart, Raven and Scott Hall.  The aim basically is to kick the absolute crap out of your opponents in various match types and win belts.
Basically it�s a very simple version of WWF No Mercy without WWF wrestlers.
The game features over 400 moves and is very easy to learn the controls.
The learning curve is about 10 minutes.
All the WCW superstars have their trademark entrances and they walk out to the pyro, lights and all the things you see on TV.
Revenge has a lot going for It including the realism, the amount of characters and arenas to compete with and the multiplayer fun.
The graphics are nothing too special and occasionally you will see the OTW named �Ghost Effect� where a hand or arm goes straight through an opponent.
The gameplay is top notch with plenty of options to keep you happy including the great �Battle Royal� mode.
Multiplayer options are great too with up to four human players in the ring at once going at it.
The Longevity really comes into its own in Multiplayer, as with all the THQ wrestling games, where you can play literally for hours non stop!
THQ lost the WCW licence a few months after making this game and so it is the last one in the series.
If you want a WCW game don�t get Mayhem or World Tour get Revenge-You won�t regret it!

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