Yet another Spyfest to add to my gaming collection!
Not that Im complaning though-Operation is a welcome change to any other Spy game the '64 has to offer.  Think Metal Gear Solid with a splash of Mission Impossibe, add a main character with a french name, sprinkle a couple of evil bosses and whisk in stealth orientated gameplay and you've got yourself Operation:Winback.

The Story is that a terrorist group called the Crying Lions have stolen a Powerful Weapon satallite and are threatening to destroy the world (See Goldeneye plot) and you, along with your crack team of Super Shot buddies must save the world.  It also doesnt help that your Boss fakes his own death to help them!

The Graphics aren't too special but then again Koei are fairly inexperienced at making games.  The controls are fine as soon as you get used to them but a 3rd person viewpoint sometimes makes controlling Jean-Luc a bit of a nightmare.
I must admit that I prefer the Perfect Dark and TWINE approach of Shoot first ask questions later and this game doesnt have as much appeal.
The levels are fairly linear with no PD/Goldeneye/TWINE style objectives to speak of.  Each level seems to be the idea of make it out alive, move on and occasionally take on a very hard boss.

But theres something about this game that makes me keep on playing it.
Its hard to put my finger on but it might be that this game is different to the other N64 Shoot-em-ups.
The addition of Gadgets and more guns would not have gone amiss though.

Close but No Cigar Koei!


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