As obvious as cashin's go this one was one of the more obvious ones.
When Acclaim won the Southpark licence they set about creating a spoof first person shoot-em-up that never really took itself seriously.
The game features all the characters from the TV show including the kids, Chef, Starvin Marvin and Mr.Garrison.
The four kids are sent on their way by Chef to save the world from an alien invasion (The old classic storyline).
They run into a load of toys, clones of big gay al and various aliens on their travels and dispose of them Southpark style with fart gas grenades and sniper chickens.
But does Southpark become a classic just by throwing in a bunch of crude nine year olds and a couple of cheesy poofs?
Graphically Southpark is a bit shabby, even with the expansion pak slammed in the N64 the game never gets rid of the fog or dodgy animations.
But then, there is only so much you can do with a cartoon that was made for adults with the intelligence of six year olds.
Sound wise the game is fairly good with the hilarious intro sequence re captured to  a tee.  The in game sound is good as well with your chosen kid saying things every so often.
The Multiplayer was acclaimed by many to be great but after a few games of Goldeneye or Perfect Dark I'd pick them anyday.

Sorry Southpark but its back to school for you!

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