Smash Bros. on the N64 was one of the top fighting games that money could buy.  Unfortunatly other than the great multiplayer it's cart slot life left a little to be desired.
Smash Bros. 2 (Or to give it its official title, Smash Bros. Melee) is looking to change all that.
With the release of the GC in Japan on 14th September fans were betting that within a couple of months the latest fight fest to hit a Nintendo machine will be ready to take home.
The game is fairly true to the original where the emphasis is on kicking the total crap out of your opponent so that you send them flying off the airborne platform that you stand on.
The graphics still retain that cartoony look that made its daddy stand out from the crowd when it came to beat-em-ups.
Also there are a host of new faces including Bowser and Zelda.
This is a game that OTW will be keeping a very close eye on...
Anticipation Rating:8
Japan:Winter 2001


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