When Nintendo thought up a list of launch titles for the N64 probably the most obvious game was another Mario instalment.  They called it Super Mario 64.
SM64 was the first truly 3D game out there.  It had Mario in all his 3D glory jumping, butt bashing and punching his way through large worlds.
The game starts with the princess of the mushrooms, Princess Peach, summoning Mario to her castle with a letter telling him she has baked a cake for him.
Now, I may not be a great writer but I could have thought up a better plot than that.  Anyway Mario runs off to the castle and once inside it becomes apparent that all is not well.
Bowser has captured Peach and is holding her hostage in the nether reaches of the castle.
Mario, in order to save her, must collect all 120 power stars that Bowser has left by jumping into various pictures which somehow transport him to other worlds.  Worlds include Under the sea, a volcano level and the Bob-om kingdom.
The graphics are quite good and colourful.  All the creatures and people that Mario encounters move smoothly, as does Mario himself.
Unfortunately there is no multiplayer but then if you want Mario in a multiplayer game get Smash Bros. Instead.
Sound isn�t too bad either-All the levels have their own music and its pretty top notch.
I can�t really find much fault with SM64 actually.  The game will take you ages to complete-perhaps one of the longest of all N64 games.
Overall it�s a great game that no gamer should be without

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