Shortly after the dawn of a new century people were forced to live in a set order to help promote peace.  During this time the human population of Earth has managed to keep on increasing in numbers.Eventually humans engineered "New Life Forms" to conserve food supplies. In Northern Japan a large ranch was developed to raise this new breed of creatures. Unexpectedly, a group of the life forms on the ranch mutated and became ravenous carnivores, and began attacking humans. The new mutated life forms were named "Lufians."
Soon the creatures began multiplying and took over Northeastern Japan while living out of the south portion of Japan. The Japanese government soon ordered an evacuation from Tokyo. Not long after this riots broke out and there is widespread. The government was forced to call in the International Peace Organization's "Armed Volunteers" to contain the uprisings, but the Armed Volunteers soon became violent towards even the innocent people in the city. Citizens began disappearing from Tokyo, and someone referred to as "She" lead a rescue team to help protect those who stayed in the city, both from the mutants as well as the twisted Armed Volunteers. There was too much opposition so "She" and the rescue team began fighting their way out of the city to reorganize. Thus begins the struggle of the freedom fighters...
Sin and Punishment is one of the most eagerly anticipated titles rivalling that of Perfect Dark.  It has been called a 'Rail shooter' by the games industry (Eg.Lylat Wars), meaning that although the game is 3D there will be a very linear route through the various levels.  Of course, this means that players will only be able to go forwards, left and right and not backwards.
The game is very faced paced and includes a timer function which helps keep the action fast paced and flowing.  The game can have up to and over 25 characters on screen at any one time which you would think would slow the N64 down considerably!
The Zelda style Targeting system also features and is used to track one lone enemy.  S&P also features bosses who have different, unique weak and strong spots and the difficulty advances as you get further through the game.
The game should be lapped up in the US but time will tell if it is a hit over this side of the pond.
Click on the video link to see a video-The quality isn't too great but it gives you an idea of the game!

Anticipation Rating:9.5
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