Gamecube:Next Generation Console
Ganondorf shows us his teeth!Hmm...He needs Colgate!
Link does battle on the Gamecube!
Samus in all her metal clad glory!
September 14th 2001...
A day that will not be forgotten in gaming circles for quite some time you can rest assured, for it was today that the Gamecube was launched in Japan not amid the ceremony that the PS2 was given at its unveiling to the world.
Nintendo had shipped 500,000 units for the Japanese release of the console.  Three games were launched alongside the latest console to hit the market namely Waverace:Blue Storm, Luigi's Mansion and the unfortunatly named Super Monkey Ball.  It has been reported that Star Fox, Smash Bros Melee and others will be released in the land of Sushi in the next few months.
Unfortunatly for Nintendo the GC release has fallen short of the hype of the GBA but the ads seem to have had the desired effect.
Wait until the likes of Star Fox, Smash Bros and the hotly anticipated Perfect Dark 2 for the GC action to really hot up!

Chris Shipman
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