Welcome to the Ask Mr Blonde section.
When Mr.Blonde's ship touched down on the OTW helipad (Yeah, like we have a helipad) and he came in at first we laughed.
But after demanding a spot on the OTW site things started to get nasty.
Mart T nearly got torn apart by one of those pesky minions of his and Jenni ran for the fire exit.
After not so friendly negotiations OTW decided to give in to Blond's demands and have given him the rather menial task of answering your letters (That'll teach that pesky Skedar to stamp on the printer again!

Send in your questions, comments and anything else you want to OTW and recieve Mr.Blonde's  expert pearls of Wisdom.

here to Send Mr Blonde your comments
But be sure not to forget youre nickname or M.Blonde may just get nasty
Mr Blonde
Recent Comments

I love Monkeys'
From Mr.Maggot Man,UK

'Im sure you do...On the Skedar home planet we have animals similar to Monkey's and they have the same use you use them for-They're called Ho's'-Mr Blonde
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