Mission Impossible follows a long line of Film knock offs that have been made into games.  Based on the 1996 movie of the same name the game follows Super spy Ethan Hunt on his quest to clear his name.  The game also features all the gadgets and weapons you would expect from a Spy-em-up including plastic explosives, dart guns and Spray paint (???!!!).
Unlike Goldeneye the game follows a more Metal Gear Solid approach with a third person view of the action and stealth is encouraged whereas in Goldeneye you can rush into a room with guns blazing and still complete the mission.
Unfortunately what is a good concept is let down by some horrendous visuals.
None of the characters look anything like who they are meant to be and the fogging is terrible.
Some of the levels are brilliant, however, such as the fantastic first Prague Embassy level right at the start of the game where you must hide smoke machines in the vents, and take out an evil killer.
The sound isn�t too crash hot with the gun firing sounds seeming like they have been distorted.  The music in the actual levels, however, is fairly good and adds atmosphere to the tense levels.
Gameplay is quite good with two levels of difficulty and around 16 or so levels to beat.  Unfortunatly there is no multiplayer in Mission Impossible so
There isn� t much that stands out with M:I apart from the obvious licence to make it too special.
If you want a game that is more fun, realistic and has multiplayer I advise Operation Winback.
Mission Impossible is fun in places but nothing too special.

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