So Mario, We meet again!?
After saving Princess Peach so many times he must have a phobia of her, Karting until his fingers were stuck to the wheel and Shouting "FORE" so many times he must single handedly keep Tunes in business Mario turns his hand to Tennis.
Yes,Yes I know.  A balding, overweight plumber from Brooklyn isn't exactly likely to become the next Pat Rafter, Leyton Hewitt, Andre Agassi or Tim Henman but Mario really does play a great game of tennis!
The controls are easy to master but some opponents take time to master and beat which is always good, 'coz I like a challenge!
The animation is fairly good and the replay function makes taunting your friend after a 6 0 thrashing even better.
Mario Tennis even goes beyond the likes of All Star Tennis 99 in that it makes the game actually fun!Yes I said Fun!
But before you rush to your local shop to purchase this latest Mario spin off there are some downsides!
The animation can get a bit blurry at times making it look like you're playing on top of Mount Snowdon.
Also most of the mini games are fairly mediochre but hell, with Mario-Who needs reviews.
This game is guaranteed to sell well with the Mario .v. Wario factor.
The Transfer pak is even used to swap information between the Gameboy and N64 versions and Four Player madness is great to watch and even greater to play.

Right on the Money!
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