Dolby Surround - This Game Pak has been encoded with Dolby Surround. If your television or stereo sound system is equipped with a Dolby Surround decoder, and you have center, left, right and rear channels connected to speakers, you will experience the excitement of multichannel surround sound.

About the Controller
Getting Started
Multiplayer Options
Basic Weapons
Key Personnel

About the Controller
The N64 Rumble Pak - This game is compatible with the Rumble Pak accessory, Before using it, be sure to read the Rumble Pak accessory instruction booklet carefully. Make sure that the Control Deck is turned OFF when inserting the Rumble Pak accessory.
Holding the Controller - While playing Perfect Dark, we recommend you play with your left thumb on the Control Stick and your right thumb near the A, B or C Buttons.
Controller Pak - To save to a Controller Pak, there must be 28 free pages.
The N64 Expansion Pak - Perfect Dark has been designed to utilize the N64 Expansion Pak. If, however, you do not have an Expansion Pak inserted into your Control Deck, you can still play a number of multiplayer modes. One or two players-plus up to eight Simulants-can compete in Combat Simulator mode. There are a multitude of Simulant types and difficulty settings to choose from, as well as all 30 present multiplayer Challenges.
By using the N64 Expansion Pak, you will gain access to all of these features, plus the complete set of story-based solo missions, the ability to play with up to four players and much more.
Throuout this manual, modes with an Expansion Pak next to them require the Expansion Pak to play.
Expansion Pak Information.

Features Available Without With
Multiplayer Challenges Yes Yes
1 Player (Solo Missions) No Yes
1-2P Multiplayer (Combat Simulator) Yes Yes
1-4P Multiplayer (Combat Simulator) No Yes
1-2P Co-Operative No Yes
2P Counter-Operative No Yes
Up to Eight Simulants Yes Yes
Approximate % of Game Available 35% 100%

Since the dawn of man, our planet has been watched. The reasons for this interest differ from race to race: some merely wish to observe until humanity has evolved to a point where they can introduce themselves without sparking mass panic, while the motives of others are considerably less benign.
Not all humans are oblivious to the watchers above and among us. Daniel Carrington, head of the elite Carrington Institute, suspects that rapid technological developments at dataDyne HQ are the result of the corporation taking a dark path to first contact-a path which apparently branches through major government agencies.
Whether or not his suspicions are justified, it is clear that events are rushing to a head. People are being abducted, animals mutilated. Someone amongst the stars desperately wants something they believe us to have, and Carrington suspects that the grand plan penetrates far deeper than the recent surface incidents. Using all means available, the Institute has resolved to find out exactly what's going on before it's too late. Only recently has it been offered it's real lead into the conspiracy: urgent messages from one of Dr. Caroll located deep within the heart of dataDyne operations, requesting extraction from the company before alleged threats on his life are actually carried out.
Cue freshly qualified Agent Joanna Dark, code-named Perfect Dark thanks to her unprecedented achievements in training. Her first real assignment could hardly be of more importance: infiltrate the dataDyne skyscraper, locate Dr. Caroll, and bring him back to the Institute undetected and unharmed. With events at dataDyne shrouded in mystery, yet moving so fast, whatever knowledge Dr. Caroll possesses could ultimately decide the fate of the human race.

A total of eight different control layouts are available: four using one Controller, the other four using two Controllers simultaneously for advanced or ambitious players. This section describes the basic control method, listed in the Control Menu as option 1.1.
Control Stick - Move forward and back' turn to the left and right.
L & R Buttons - Activate the aiming mode and make a crosshair appear on the screen. While holding the L or R Button, manipulate the crosshair with the Control Stick. When the C Buttons or + Control Pad during this time to duck and sidestep.
C Buttons - C-Up and C-Down - Look up and down. The + Control Pad also performs this function.
C-Left and C-Right - Strafe/sidestep left and right. The + Control Pad also performs this function
A Button - Cycle to the next weapon in the inventory. To cycle backward, tap the Z Button quickly while pressing A. Note: To use the Quick-Menu, hold down the A Button, use the Control Stick to highlight the weapon or item you require, then release the A Button.
B Button - Open doors, use computer terminals and activate handheld devices. Holding down the B Button toggles the current weapon's Secondary Fire mode (see Basic Weapons). Press B, then tap the Z Button to trigger your weapon's secondary fire function without actually switching to it. Tap the B Button to reload the current weapon.
START - Pause the game and bring up the Pause Menu.
Z Button - Fire the current weapon (or punch in unarmed/no weapons are selected).
The Quick Menu - The Quick-Menu is designed to make the mid-game item/weapon selection process fast and efficient. Activate it during play by holding down the A Button. The default page is the item Select menu. To flip to the next page, press the Z Button once when the Control Stick is centered. To select a mode or item from one of the menus, move the Control Stick to highlight the desired option, then release the A Button.

Single-Player Quick-Menus: Multiplayer Quick-Menus
Item Select
Fire Mode Select Item Select
Fire Mode Select
Simulant Command Select (+L or R Button = All Simulants)

For more on the Simulant Command Select menu, see Multiplayer Options
The CamSpy - The CamSpy-a floating camera which can slip through gaps and into areas far too confined for Agent Dark herself-will prove vital to the success of the mission. Variations on the CamSpy, such as the DrugSpy and BombSpy, have similar controls.
Control Stick - Move and turn the CamSpy in much the same as you control Joanna.
A Button - Exit CamSpy mode and return control to Agent Dark.
B Button - Open doors.
C Buttons - Use C-Up to float higher, C-Down to sink lower; Strafe using C-Left and C-Right.
+ Control Pad - Use Up to float higher, Down to sink lower' Strafe using left and right.
Z Button - Take a still picture of the current view using the CamSpy, fire tranquilizers with the DrugSpy, and detonate the BombSpy.
START - Bring up the Pause Menu as usual.

Getting Started
After the intro, you will see the Agent Save Slot screen, which shows a picture of Joanna Dark next to the flashing words 'New Agent'. Pressing the A Button will bring up the Enter Agent Name page where you can change the name of the save slot. After confirming the name, you will be given the choice of either saving the game onto the Game Pak itself (there are 3 save slots available) or onto a Controller Pak. You will then return to the Agent Save Slot screen where your new slot will be selected. Press the A Button to confirm the slot and enter the game.
You will then see the Perfect Menu screen. From there you can choose to play the Solo Missions (Single Player), Combat Simulator (Multiplayer), Co-Operative or Counter-Operative games. You can also return to the Carrington Institute for further training or change the current Agent file. To access the Options and Inventory screens from the Perfect Menu screen, tilt the Control Stick left and right. See the following sections for further details.
Beginning a New Solo Mission (Expansion Pak required) - To head straight into a single-player game, select Solo Missions to advance to the Mission Select screen. Choose a mission to play, select the difficulty level, examine the objectives and the briefing, then begin.
Carrington Institute - Training (Expansion Pak required) - If you opt to return to the Carrington Institute from the Perfect Menu, you will be able to access the training modes in various rooms around the building. To examine the Training Programs in each room, stand in from of the computer terminal and press the B Button. A description of the available tasks will be shown.
Training rooms in the Institute - Firing Range (on the floor below Joanna's room) - Test all weapons to bronze, silver and gold standard.
Device Lab (second room to the left of Joanna's room) - Complete simple tasks to familiarize yourself with the devices.
Hologram Room (on the floor below the Device Lab) - Fight opponents-unarmed and otherwise-and practice movement skills.
Other rooms - Hangar (on the floor below the firing range) - View information on vehicles, objects and locations.
Information Lab (first room to the left of Joanna's room) - Access character and organization database.
Options Screen - Audio Options - Audio options consist of volume sliders for sound effects (Sound) and in-game music (Music), as well as a choice of sound Modes: Mono, Stereo, Headphone or Surround. To use the sliders, press the A Button to isolate the selection, then use the Control Stick to adjust the volume. Once you are satisfied, press the A Button to confirm.
Video Options (Expansion Pak varies) - Video Options include settings for Screen Size (Full, Wide or Cinema), picture ratio (Normal or 16:9), Hi-Res mode (toggle on or off) and 2-Player Split Screen (Horizontal or Vertical).
Control Options - Control options offer a choice of Control Styles (four using a single Controller, another four using two Controllers), and they also allow you to toggle Reverse Pitch, Look Ahead, Head Roll (realistic head movement while walking), Auto Aim and Aim Control (Hold or Toggle aiming button).
Display Options - Display options refer to features of the main game screen during play and include choices such as:
Sight on Screen - Choose whether to have and targeting crosshair at all.
Always Show Target - Leave your crosshair on screen even when you're not in aim mode.
Show Zoom Range - Show the magnification multiplier and the current zoom magnification.
Ammo on Screen - Show amount of ammo in the current magazine and in reserve.
Show Gun Function - Display the secondary weapon function.
Paintball - Show bullet hits as multicolored splats of paint.
Subtitles - Display text for important speech and cut scenes.
Show Mission Time - Show how long the current mission has been underway.
Cheats Option (Expansion Pak required) - The Cheats option shows both the currently available and activated cheats.
Cinema Options (Expansion Pak required) - Cinema options enable you to replay any cut scene you have already viewed in the game.
Game Save Notes - While in the Change Agent screen, you can indulge in a bit of Pak management. Cycle left or right to get to the Game Files screen. There you can choose to copy or delete Perfect Dark files on the Game Pa or on a Controller Pak.
Inventory Screen - This screen lists all the items you're carrying, including Weapons and Devices. Any object that cannot be accessed via the Quick-Menu or by using the A Button can be selected from here instead. You can get to the Inventory screen by pressing START during the game, then tilting the Control Stick to the right.

Multiplayer Options
The Combat Simulator menu, as selected from the Perfect Menu at the beginning of the game, provides access to the following options:
Challenges - Choose to play one of the multiplayer challenges.
Load/Preset Games - Load a saved game setup or choose from a list of preset games.
Quick Start - Dive straight into the game without having to set many options.
Advanced Setup - Manually adjust the whole multiplayer setup.
Challenges (Expansion Pak required for 3-4 players) - Selecting this option will take you to a list of available Challenges. Once the choice is made, you'll see a brief description of the game objectives. When you confirm the selection, you'll be taken to a small start menu with three choices: Start, Change the Player Settings or Drop Out.
When you complete a Challenge, you'll be given a list of statistics which affect your overall ranking, and a star will be placed in the slot corresponding to the number of players that took part. If appropriate, another Challenge will then be unlocked for you to play. You can also unlock additional Combat Simulator features by successfully completing the preset Challenges.
Load/Preset Games (Expansion Pak required) - Preset games let you quickly get into a variety of multiplayer games. As you play through the single-player game or complete multiplayer challenges, you will open up other presets to use. You can also select saved presets from the Game Pak or Controller Pak from here. Once you make the choice, you'll be taken to the Quick Go menu described in the Challenges section on the previous page.
Quick Start (Expansion Pak required) - Quick Start sets up a game for you based on one of five options:
Players Only - All available human players compete in standard free-for-all combat.
Players and Simulants - Both human players and Simulants compete in standard free-for-all combat.
Player Teams - All available human players will be assigned to teams.
Players Versus Simulants - Human players and Simulants will be on opposing teams.
Player-Simulant Teams - One or more Simulants will be assigned to each human team.
Once you've chosen the game type, the Game Setup screen will appear and show the various game settings. Once you're satisfied with the setup, select the Finish Setup option to proceed to the Quick Go menu.
Advanced Setup (Expansion Pak required for 3-4 Players) - This option takes you to the Game Setup screen, where you can choose from different Scenarios and Arenas and access further options screens.
The Weapons screen enables you to choose from a selection of preset groups of weapons or to generate a random selection of weapons. If you want to choose your own arsenal, the Custom option lets you alter the currently selected range of weapons.
The Limits screen has sliders for maximum Time, Individual Score and Team Score so that you can alter the criteria for ending the next game.
The Simulants screen has eight slots available. Choose from various Simulant skill level and types, all bearing different characteristics as detailed on screen.
You can save the current settings to either the Game Pak or Controller Pak after naming the save file. Saved game settings can be loaded via the Load Settings screen.
The Player Setup screen lets you customize you character by tinkering with several parameters: Name, Team, Character (Head and Body), Control and Player Options. Player Statistics are also available , as are the Load and Save player functions. If you save the created player, your Game Pak will store it's statistics and the body/head combination. These stats will increase with successive games, resulting in a higher player level rating (ratings start at Level 21-Beginner-and move up toward Level 1).
The Stuff page has options for Soundtrack, Team Names and Choice Lock (None, Last Winner, Last Loser, Random or specific Player). Choice Lock allows only the selected player (last winner, last loser etc.) to set up the game.
The Combat Challenges menu features a list of different built-in multiplayer challenges which, when completed, will unlock the full range of Multiplayer options.
Simulant Combat Select Menu - You can reach this menu via the Quick Menu when you have Simulants on your side in a multiplayer battle. Standard commands that you give to your Simulants are:
Normal - computer controls the Simulant as normal.
Hold - Simulant will stand on the spot from which you game the command, attacking any enemies that pass by.
Defend - Simulant will stand in one spot but chase any enemies that pass by.
Protect - Simulant will stay close to you and attack and nearby enemies.
Follow - Simulant will follow for by chase after enemies who attack.
Attack - Simulant will concentrate it's attacks on a specific enemy.
Extra commands that are specific to different scenarios can become available. Higher-level Simulants are more intelligent and will respond with more efficiency to your commands.
The Co-Operative Game (Expansion Pak required) - Select the Co-Operative mode from the Perfect Menu. Access a level in much the same way as you would a Solo Mission-however, there will be one additional options menu. Completing a level in Co-Op mode opens up the next level in both Co-Op and Counter-Op modes (but not in the full-fledged Solo Mission). After you select the difficulty level, the Co-Operative Options screen will appear. Choose to have Radar on or off, to be able to hurt your Perfect Buddy or not (Friendly Fire), and whether you Buddy will be another human player or a computer-controlled Simulant. Once the choices have been confirmed, you'll go to the Mission Overview screen and from there into the game.
Control Note - If two players want to use dual Controller control settings, Player 1 uses sockets 1 and 3. Player 2 uses sockets 2 and 4.
The Counter-Operative Game (Expansion Pak required) - A Counter-Operative game of Perfect Dark allows one player, as Joanna, to tackle the single-player missions against a second player, who inhabits the bodies of various enemies out to stop her. Each of the enemy characters has a relatively small amount of health, a weapon and a suicide pill. When a character under the Counter-Operative's control is killed, another enemy close to Joanna is commandeered, as the chase is on again. If the enemy player becomes trapped or is too far from the action, the suicide pill can be used to force him to jump to another body. Joanna wins if the mission is successfully completed; the enemy player wins if Agent Dark is stopped in her tracks.
Only levels unlocked in the Solo-Missions or Co-Operative mode will be playable in Counter-Operative mode. When Counter-Operative is selected, the available levels will be displayed. After you select a level and set the difficulty, you'll go to the Counter-Operative Options screen. There you can toggle the Radar option (whether or not to show the location of the other player) and determine which player will actually become the Counter-Operative.
Selecting Continue takes you to the Mission Overview screen, as featured in a standard Solo Mission. From there you can check the mission objectives and briefing as normal. Select Accept to play the game or Decline to return to the level select screen/

Basic Weapons
Note - Every weapon that Joanna is able to pick up and use carries a Secondary Fire function, which is always useful and sometimes vital to the success of a mission. Default is the basic mode of operation, while Secondary Fire is a special function unique to each weapon.
Carrington Institute
Falcon 2 Automatic Pistol - Automatic pistol, 8-round clip
Secondary Fire - Use to pistol whip enemies.
This gun is the workhouse of the Institute's operations. It's accurate and trustworthy, and it can come equipped with either a silencer or scope.
Laptop Gun - Disguised weapon, 50-round magazine
Secondary Fire - Deploy as Sentry Gun
The Laptop is a sub-machine gun built to resemble a laptop PC. It cannot fire while in disguised form, but when activated, it unfolds into shape. The PC is based on a successful design distributed by the Carrington Institute to markets around the world, giving CI agents a valuable covert weapon.
AR34 - Assault rifle, 30-round magazine
Secondary Fire - Run while zoomed in
The Institute's only operational Assault Rifle, it follows the CI path of upgrade flexibility rather than the dataDyne path of raw power. Nevertheless, it is an efficient weapon. Its bullpup design reduces the overall length of the gun.
CI 2010 - Sniper rifle, 8-round magazine
Secondary Fire - Crouch while firing
A precision sniping instrument with legendary reliability, the Sniper Rifle sports an active zoom that outstrips any of its competitors by a number of degrees. It's used most often in a support role, covering the point man.
dataDyne Corporation
Dy357 - Magnum revolver, 6-round magazine
Secondary Fire - Use to pistol whip enemies.
The Dy357 is a traditional, powerful Magnum handgun. The Magnum round has a good penetration factor and knocks the target back with the weight and power of its shot. Custom models are made for valued clients-the NSA director, Trent Easton, is rumoured to have a gold-plated version.
CMP 150 - Sub-machine gun, 32-round magazine
Secondary Fire - Use part-guided bullets (with lock on)
The CMP 150's compact design has had astonishing success, achieving popularity in Third World markets and with anti-terrorist teams in many countries. A key feature is its ability to lock on to multiple targets and track each individually.
Dragon/Super Dragon - Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher Combination, 30-round magazine/6-round clip
Secondary Fire (Dragon) - Self-destructing proximity detonation
Secondary Fire (Super Dragon) - Launch Grenades
This weapon's successful design is often used by the military for squad support. While too bulky to replace the US government standard-issue rifle, it has found favor with many other more specialized groups for its ability to lay down a barrage of grenades and automatic fire. Groups continue to push for the weapon to become the new standard. The Dragon model can be set for self-destruct with a proximity detector.
K12 Devastator - Grenade Launcher, 8-round clip
Secondary Fire - Stick grenades to surfaces
The K12 Devastator is another bulky, powerful weapon from dataDyne. Grenades can be set to explode on impact or after a set amount of time.
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