Coin Block Blitz - Jump on the heads of opponents to slow them down and then go for the blocks.
Coin Block Bash - Get coins off your opponents by knocking them.
Coin Shower Flower - Try to stay in the centre. Look for shadows of falling coins.
Paddle Battle - Rotate the control stick as quickly as possible, changing from clockwise to anti-clockwise depending on where you want to go.
Memory Watch - Pause after every go and write down what it was.
The Ground Pound - Just remember the posts and try to remember their locations.
Limbo Dance - Practice on the rules screen to see how far back you can go.
Musical Mushroom - Just always keep your stick facing towards the middle. You don't need to jump off the smaller mushrooms.
Piranha Pursuit - Rapidly hit the B button but watch for fallen trees.
Crazy Cutter - Stay on the line and don't stop.
Buried Treasure - Look at your opponents arrows as well as your own.
Desert Dash - When playing with another human count in time. When with CPU keep in time with the screen partner.
Tug o' War - Same as Paddle Battle but rotate in one way only.
Teetering Towers - The towers fall in the direction that you are standing on the platform so stand on the edge nearest to the next platform.
Bobsled Run - Watch for the three zipper arrows but don't fall off the edge.
Skateboard Scamper - Same as Piranha Pursuit but you must beat 3 opponents.
Handcar Havoc - Press A rapidly and lean into corners.
Ghost Guess - Watch the shadows to see which shadow bends down first.
Box Mountain-Mayhem - Chase after other peoples coins too.
Pedal Power - Same as Tug o' War.
Tipsy Tourney - Try to circle around the shell.
Hot Bob-omb - Hold him just until his about to blow but don't hold him too long.
Bombsketball - Pass to your CPU partner and if you are both humans try using a tactic.
Hot Rope Jump - Learn the timing of the CPU players then practice.
Castaways - Aim for the chests.
Shy Guy Says - If he puts up 2 flags them wait till he puts one down.
Bumper Balls - Try to stay in the centre until a player is about to go off then bump him.
Treasure Divers - Go for the large chests but watch out for the jellyfish.
Bombs Away - Try to stay in the centre but watch for shadows.
Deep Sea Divers - Go for you big chests and then go for your opponents chests.
Mushroom Mix-Up - Jump on opponents heads but try not to fall into the water.
Tightrope Treachery - Just keep walking forward and stay in the centre. Don't worry about the cannonballs.
Slot Machine - It's all about timing and practice.
The Crane Game - Go for the nearest prizes first and hammer A when you get it. If you're getting picked up hammer A also.
Pipe Maze - As the screen scrolls up, remember the path. The chest will change path at every opportunity.
Bowl Over - Aim for the centre. If you're a pin, go on the side with the least pins.
Whack-a-Plant - Jump off a plant directly to another one.
Mario Bandstand - Watch the example and if you're the composer, flick the stick instead of moving it towards the cursor.
Running of the Bulb - The player carrying the bulb needs the other players to protect it but watch out for falling blocks.
Grab Bag - Grab a player from behind that already is holding another player. Once you have 15 coins run away.
Key-Pa-Way - Just hog the key up to the lock.
Balloon Burst - Time your pumps so that the pumps are smooth and you get everything out of the pumps.
Face Lift - Watch how the example is made.
Bash 'n' Crash - Run around about 3/4 of the way around the room, so that you can't get cornered.
Hammer Drop - Knock your opponents off early.
Slot Car Derby - When your tyres are smoking, slow down.
Shell Game - Concentrate on the Koopa with the treasure.
Knock Block Tower - Don't hit the blue blocks.
Platform Peril - Don't fall off. Watch out for obstacles.
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