The second Zelda installment on the Nintendo 64 promised to be the most complete gaming experience ever and was hyped up a lot.
The story is that while riding through the forest of Hyrule Link is attacked by a Skullkid who steals Epona and rides off into the sunset, leaving Link to save the world because conveniently the moon is going to crash down.  Just an average day for Link.
You have to control Link as a child as he searches for Epona and gains power by wearing various masks, owned by a mask shop owner who always seems to be drunk.

The graphics push the Nintendo to its limits and with up to five baddies on the screen at once,with no slowdown, this is no mean feat!
The soundtrack is great with all the sounds of the first game.
The ability to go back in time is useful as you can relive encounters and events over and over again.  There are also a lot of interesting people to meet, and some that you will recognise.
The game will take probibly years to complete if you want to meet everyone,do everything and collect every object.
There are some great mini games such as the Lottery among others.
There aren't really any bad points to speak of apart from the obvious way it will keep you locked in your room in eternal darkness!

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