Fox McCloud boldly go where no animals have gone before�.Space�.The final frontier!
The sequal to the SNES classic Starfox is set in the Lylat System where an evil madman named Andross is trying to take over the solar system.  You play as Fox McCloud who is�.erm, well a fox actually!
The graphics are fairly cartoonish with some fairly good water effects and some great explosions.
The sound is look with intercom style sound bites from the other members of your squadron and baddies.
The levels are fairly linear with you and your team flying through the level and there are a few secret routes and bosses to find by flying through waterfalls and alike.
The multiplayer lets the game down though-The levels are too big and finding other players, let alone trying to shoot them down, Is a daunting task for any gamer.
The only problem with the actual one player is that once you have completed the game there are no other things to do.  The likes of the fantastic Rogue Squardron have medals to win, ranks to climb and cheat codes.  LW has none of these and is even devoid of a save feature, meaning that this game is not for people with a lack of time on their hands.
The game isn�t all bad though-there is some sparsly placed enjoyment to be had including the final level when you must fly through Andross� lair, avoiding falling pillers and debris.
Buy Rogue Squadron instead.

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