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Why is it that whenever Nintendo release a decent came critics always claim that the games are Kiddie?
It�s a question that has plagued Nintendo owners for the past few years.
But why the sudden outburst over Nintendo.
In the era of the SNES this was not as common with more �adult� games on the market but after the Nintendo 64 was released Ninty fans were suddenly hit with this gripe from mainly Playstation owners.
What PSX owners forget is that for every Resident Evil we have Perfect Dark (With its mighty 18 rating), and for every Duke Nukem we have a Goldeneye.
True is the fact though that Nintendo have released a lot of games aimed at younger players since 1997 including Super Mario 64, Banjo Kazooie and Yoshi�s Story but who would doubt the playability of a supposed �Kiddie� game like Mario Kart or Mario Tennis.
Not me for one, also let�s not forget that for you PSX fans there is the Spyro game and a few (terrible) Parappa the Rapper like games out there.
So if being accused of being a childish Nintendo gamer is a crime against Videogaming then I am a proud re-offender.

Chriz Shipman
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