Jet force Gemini is one of those games that is hard to put into any one category.  It has the platformer essence of Banjo Kazooie, the guns approach of Goldeneye and the futuristic-ness of Perfect Dark.
The more observant of you will have noticed that all the aforementioned games are by Rare-In a nutshell then this game is three games in one.  All classic Rare games.
The game begins with a spaceship being shot down in the outer reaches of space.  The three crew are all scattered over a wide area and your first mission objective is to reunite all of them.  Once this is done you head your way through linear levels blasting the bug troops with an array of weapons at your disposal.  Fairly simple idea you may think, but Rare execute it amazingly well and turn an idea a chimpanzee on Prozac could have thought up into another game to add to the Rare hall of fame.
The graphics are quite cartoonish but with a bit of realism thrown in.  The bug guts effects when you take out a sniper ant produces a shower of green goo which-if you�re lucky-will result in your character being showered in the stuff�Magic.  Also the recognisable water effects from Banjo Kazooie are present and the characters move very smoothly.  All without the aid of an expansion pak!
Multiplayer is quite good as well with the PD style co-op and counter-op modes included.  Also there are a few mini games thrown in for good measure which are a nice touch.  Up to four players can participate in the multiplayer carnage that the game ensures so JFG is a good party game.
The gameplay is fairly good with a learning curve of about five minutes so its not exactly a challenging game to get to grips with.  The only problem is that the game�s early levels are a bit on the boring side and with no real objectives to do other than rescue the odd tribal and complete the stage the game is a bit short on gameplay.
For all those mothers out there whose Kids want a shoot-em-up I would recommend JFG-It�s a lot less violent and graphic than Perfect Dark and the plot is less complicated than Goldeneye or TWINE.
So-After all is said and done is JFG a game you must have?
My brother seems to think so but I find PD and Goldeneye much more appealing.  I suppose if you are younger than 13 JFG would be the top of any self respecting Shoot-Em-Up�s want list.

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