Wishing that you had the animation skills of Chriz?
Bored of your dire attempt at a webpage!?
Well look no further than good old OTW because we have just the programme for you.  For FREE we will create graphics for your site.
All we ask is that you give us credit for the animation and link to OTW for our troubles.

So, 'How do I take advantage of the great offer?' I hear you asking!
Its as easy as completing Rugrats Treasure Hunt and will take less brainpower than a game of Turok 2.

Decide how many frames you want your animation to have (up to 7)

Decide the images you want to use and link to them in your email.

I also need your name and site URL

Here are some examples of my handiwork!


BMXLand.com banner
Another OTW logo
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