In the UK the Gameboy Advance was released on June 22nd.
On The Wall takes a look at how the new console measures up.

Review-Gameboy Advance

The worlds most famous handheld console was rereleased for the fourth time on June 22nd as Nintendo try to hold on to their almost monopolised Handheld Console line.

The GBA sold like hotcakes in Japan and with a fairly reasonable pricetag for what you get it is expected to sell well on both sides of the Atlantic.
The Launch titles include F-Zero-X,Super Mario GBA and Chu Chu Rocket (For the full list of GBA Launch titles click
The addition of features such as longer battery life enhance the GBA's appeal too.
What suprised a lot of People was the Horizontal orientation much like its competitors due to the fact that the previous consoles in the Gameboy series were vertical.

The Carts are also different. Wider and thicker carts hold more gaming glory than was ever seen on any of its predicessors.  The new Advance even can be used as a controller for the soon-to-be-released Gamecube and has link up facilities for up to four players.  Some games can even be played without all the players having the game-Just one is needed!

The option to have different covers also appeals with three launch colours of white, Indigo and Translucent Purple-But more are sure to follow.

The GBA has taken a leaf out of the N64's book with two shoulder buttons that give you the ability in games such as F-Zero and Konami Racers to powerslide round corners with the greatest of ease.

All these small things add up to make the greatest handheld console money can buy!

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