In the 26th Century the number one thrill is racing gravity defying machines at speeds of over 1000 MP/h-Formula 1 is a thing of the past.
With over 30 cars to pick from and around 25 courses F-Zero-X is not exactly short of options.  Throw in a time attack, season and the amazingly fun Death race and you have a game that is a sure-fire classic!
The graphic�s aren�t to crash hot but you can forgive that as it was one of the first N64 games to be released.
The gameplay is probably the best you�ll find with amazing lastability.  I got this game for just �9 and it is probably the bargain of the century.
The game really comes into its own and with a four player mode to kill FZX is a classic.  You can�t beat the run of coming home after a hard day at school and kicking your friend�s butts at a good game of F-Zero.  If it�s white knuckle thrills you want then buy this game.  If you like more realistic racing then get the fantastic F1 World Grand Prix 2 or F1 Racing championship.
F-Zero has stood the time and until recently the SNES version was avalible for download on the emulator�s section (I had to dump this section as it was a condition I had to adhere to to become an affiliate to Rareware.)
I can�t explain the pleasure of powersliding round a corner only to smash into your opponent, spinning them into the side and blowing them up on the track barrier.
Ahh�Racing at its best!

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