F1 World Grand Prix was the second Formula 1 game to grace the N64 after the abysmal F1 Pole Position.  The makers of WGP had just bought the F1 liscence and were roaring to make a better racing game than any of the other N64 racers preceeding it.
The game features 22 drivers from 11 teams and they all have their own attributes and racing strategies.  So wheather you want to play as Michael Schumacher or Yahno Trulli-All the real drivers from the 1997 season are included.
The games graphics are pretty top notch with all the weather effects you would expect and its very smooth to boot.  Also there are none of the gut wrenchingly annoying pop ups that dogged F1 Pole Position.
All the tracks are true to their real life counterparts with all those little details such as the adverts on the trackside with the big Fosters logo on!
Multiplayer mode is a bit of a let down because you can only race one other person with no computer drivers-It would be more fun with four player frolics and against those accident prone computer drivers.
The game really comes into its own in single player where you can go through a season with the driver of your choice and savour all the thrills of winning races and the lows of retiring half way through.
A challenge mode is also included where players must face a set objective based on a real situation during the '97 season.  This may include making up places from the back of the field to driving with only three wheels and winning the race (not an easy challenge I assure you!).
Overall the game is one of the most enjoyable race fests out there and up with Ridge Racer 64, Star Wars:Episode one racer and the fantastic Mario Kart!
Well worth the price!


Bargain Buy:�9.99 in HMV
The driver point of view
Pile up on turn 1!
Brazilian circuit's first turn presents a problem for Hill
Its Go,Go,Go!
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