When Lylat Wars was released on the SNES few would have realised the success it would achieve.  Miyamoto's creations, the Starfox team were thrown into a world of dogfights and bombing missions.
For the Gamecube release the Starfox team get a makeover.  The new game is an RPG instead of a flight-sim/shoot-up-up.
All the original characters are included.
The game is set eight years on after the defeat of Andross in Lylat Wars 64 and the characters all have changed slightly.  Slippy, the fun loving frog, has gone into weapon's development and supplies Fox with all the equipment he needs.  Peppy is in mission support.  Rob the Robot is still handing out ship repairs and bonuses and Falco...Well, Falco was last seen running off after a solo career.
The Dinosaur Planet has been invaded by a General Scales and Fox McCloud has been sent to rid the world of tyranny etc.
Fox is able to fight his way through levels and there are a few old style flying missions in the Arwing (For old times sakes).
The graphics look top notch with great special effects-Check out the animation I put together below.

Anticipation Rating:10
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