17th September 2001

Update on Game walkthroughs
Today we made the first couple of walk through movies.
They included:
Goldeneye Cradle
TWINE City of Walkways II
WWF No Mercy Hardcore matches

Also we took a few staff photo's and they will be posted ASAP.
Check back soon for new info!

11th September 200

New Comp prizes reveal
Mart has just told me the prizes for the next OTW Comp.  The comp will be about our new sponsors <209> and the prizes are three signed CD's by the band.  No expenses spared here at OTW

10th September 20

OTW gets sponsorsh
Finally after years (well months) of trying OTW has finally got a sponsor.
OTW is sponsored
by <209>, a kick @$$ Rap Rock band from London,UK.
They will have their website up soon so we will keep you posted to developments


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