A long time ago in a galaxy not so far away...
Nintendo released Rogue Squadron, a space blaster based on the Star Wars movies.
The game was arguably a classic and between it and Lylat Wars it was a close call.
When the Gamecube was confirmed one of the first games to release screenshots was Rogue Squadron 2.
At E3 the doubters were proved wrong when they saw the quality of the graphics.
The game truly shows the Gamecube's ATI graphics chip to at its best.
After swooping low over the deathstar you instantly will realise how much effort ATI and Nintendo have put into the Gamecube.
The game runs with a very high frame rate giving a great sense of speed and the lighting effects make the game look like a hollywood blockbuster.
The TIE fighters have been given a dose of IQ raiser and they hunt in packs and employ all types of tactical manouvers to avoid being shot down.
The ability to issue orders to your wingmen makes the game even more tactical.
The sound is also great, living up to Factor 5's high reputation for audio brilliance.
It demands you to turn up the volume and be playes loud.
Rogue Squadron:Rogue Leader is one game that OTW will keep a very close eye on...

Anticipation Rating:8
By:Factor 5/Lucas Arts
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